For the past 20 minutes someone has been trying to run a DDoS attack on host servers.

The traffic is being syphoned to avoid a full disruption of service. Meaning that each connection needs to be filtered before reaching the server. So, it is possible that some users may experiencing some connection delays.

Sorry about that. I will let you know if I have more information.

The traffic filtering is still on but the attack looks to have slowed down and everything should be back to normal.

Please let me know if you are still experiencing any problems.

Thanks and again sorry about any trouble.

@jwildeboer Glad to know, it depends on several factors and for some people they wont even notice what is going on. OVH DDoS protection has been pretty solid on the small number of time I have been attacked.

@jackwilliambell No problem, hopefully things will be back to normal soon.

@mastohost thanks for the heads up, and thank you for your work providing the service!

@Ertain Thanks, I am paying extra by using OVH datacenters and one of the reasons is that they offer good DDoS protection, at least in the past they have mitigated any attacks pretty efficiently . So, currently I am just here looking at logs and monitoring the evolution :)



@mastohost Things look normal from here. Thank you, and sorry that you have to deal with this!

@sajith No problem. It depends on multiple factors. Some people won't even notice it. But glad you were not affected.

@mastohost no problem. All back to normal now. It lasted about 25mins in total with the site going down and coming back online

@mastohost thanks for mitigating this quickly and effectively.

@dean Glad it's back to normal. If it comes back please let me know.

@mastohost Great work! I kept getting warning from the monitor, but still worked fine...

@maique I received 101 monitor notifications :) glad you still were able to use

@mastohost !! Hope you keep managing it as good as up till now. You’ll need some sleep in a while 😊

@maique yep, it had gone done now it's slowly coming back, not so back as before up until now. Sorry :|

@mastohost No worries, really. It’s not a life or death situation for anyone, I’m sure.

@maique Not much I can do, the DDoS protection is doing its thing, I just seat here a look at logs and monitoring.

@mastohost At least grab a beer 😊 The protection seems to be working fine.

@maique I don't drink alcohol 😜 but I'm chill. Nothing new

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