There was an issue that affected a couple of Mastodon instances hosted on where federation stopped working.

I am going to install a patch to try and avoid it happening again. It will require a restart but there shouldn't be more than 20 seconds of downtime.

I believe the issue is the similar to but caused by the code introduced on v3.5.2 related to the new audio upload.

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Patch is installed. It all looks good from my end but if you have any issues please let me know.

Thanks 🐘

@joshuanozzi you can't imagine the amount of sleepless nights I had because of cocaine... I am talking about the Ruby Gem obviously ;)

@mastohost Did it cause any non-delivered posts or just delays?

@ondra just delays. In fact the federation would stop working and all posts would be queued. In theory no post should be missing but it only affected a couple of instances, that after restart were back to normal and just needed to wait for the queue to clear.

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