I will be starting the upgrade for all Mastodon servers on to v3.2.1

There should be less than 30 seconds of downtime during the process.

You can see the changelog here:

Any issues or questions please let me know.

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The upgrade is installed. All Mastodon servers on are now running v3.2.1

Any issues please let me know. Thanks 🐘

@mastohost Once again, thank you for taking care of all of this! It's so nice not having to manage my own instance anymore. :P

@mastohost curious to know if you have any problems - since I upgraded my instance, federation with relays has been broken (mastodon.web returning 401 unauth'd to relays' posts) for unknown reasons... :-(

@tim Everything is working fine on my end. What version were you before the upgrade? Did you jump multiple versions?

@mastohost no, 3.2.0 to 3.2.1. Seems maybe related to certificates/auth keys, might be specific to the relay software (federating between mastodon instances works fine, or I'd not see your post :-)). As ever, when it works it works and when it doesn't you're on your own; hopefully I'll have time to dig in deeper at the weekend...

@tim hummm... what steps did you perform during the upgrade?

@mastohost I changed the image tav from v3.2.0 to v3.2.1 and redeployed the Docker container 😁. Nothing else indicated in the readmes/changelog :(.

@tim so, docker-compose down and docker-compose up -d? you are using tootsuite from hub.docker, right?

@mastohost Kubernetes, so the equivalent using helm. And yes, tootsuite/mastodon.

Rolling back doesn't fix the problem (it just changes it to http/202 errors instead of 401), so it persistently breaks something. Makes me suspect that it's borked wherever it stores the key/certificate it uses to validate the relay's key; whether that's redis or postgres I don't know, but that's where I'll start digging at the weekend...

I do appreciate your taking the time, by the way! Thanks.

@mastohost: After doing a little more digging, I strongly suspect this change is to blame -
- which somewhat breezily breaks compatibility with other suitably 'old' Fediverse software. Which doesn't seem a super smart thing to do in a point release, at least not the way I understand SemVer...

More interesting to me now is why downgrading back to 3.2.0 didn't seem to fix things 😐

@mastohost: OK, to answer my own question downgrading did fix the problem after deleting and adding the relays again.

So, short version - don't upgrade to 3.2.1 if you value federating with "old" Fediverse instances, 'cos the new changes to signature validation break it.

@tim I was suspecting this one would be the problem:

If you have some custom setting for "/.well-known/webfinger" that could also affect you. Not sure how you are handling that in Kubernetes.

But yep it can also be although it says that is compatible with Mastodon.

If you can find the culprit that would be great information to share on GitHub with the dev team.

@mastohost Well, I cant follow any user, that is hosted on your services, whether its a mastohost subdomain or a custom one... the sidekiq still states for the profile/inbox that it got an 401.

@calvin_thefreak Hello, that is really strange but your instance is the only reporting something like that, so I assume there is something on your end. I only see attempts to follow @nitro on my servers logs. Can you please let me know what is your real server IP and do an attempt to follow my personal account @hugo so I can try and help you debug this?

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