I have made some changes to the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. You can read about these, here: masto.host/new-changes-to-the-

Any issues or questions please let me know.

@mastohost How decide what is a falsehood, alternative facts, anecdotal evidence and who decide if something is a disinformation, misinformation, sensationalism, truthiness, propaganda, rumours, hoaxes, urban myths, pseudoscience, post-truth and opinion pieces or interviews that convey any of the previous ?

If I say I believe in God and that god exist you could say that god does not exist as there is no evidence of gods existence? So will that be a reason for you to terminate the server?

@Asux The Terms of Service mention Mastodon servers that are "mainly used for the following activities". The goal is not to identify a single piece of content but a pattern of usage.

The example you give is pretty straight forward. There is no proof that God doesn't exist so I see nothing wrong in an instance that spreads the message that God exists as long as it doesn't continuously harass people with different beliefs.

@Asux Now if a group is created to say that COVID-19 doesn't exist, then I will block that instance because there are scientific evidence that it exists.

If a single user from an instance I host says that COVID-19 doesn't exist, and someone reports that to me, I leave that to the administrator of that instance and do nothing about it. If the majority of the users of that instance focus their topics around spreading that message, then I will.

@Asux The reason why I had to create such a vast array of details is to avoid loopholes as much as possible. There are so many ways how people try to manipulate and deny what they are obviously doing that I need to have a wider net.

Hope this makes sense but if you have any questions please let me know.

@mastohost If Mastodon or any other social media platforms are being so political correct that you can not use your freedom of speech like you could do out in “real life” that what is the point of being on Mastodon in stead of Facebook, Twitter and so on?

@Asux I don't control Mastodon, in fact nobody really does. The network is open and the software is free. There are other services and people are free to choose the service best fits their needs. I do not block servers, even on extreme situations like Gab, I never implemented any block. What I can and will do is reject offering my hosting service, if I feel that is not a community that I want to host.

If a group of "flat earthers" want to start a Mastodon server, I don't want to host it.

@Asux In theory if they stay on their corner, they are not harming anyone directly. And I am not blocking their free speech, any instance hosted with me can follow and interact with them but I just don't feel it's something that I want to know I have some part in bringing that message into the world.

@mastohost I see, and your in your right to say no to them, but think of all the fun you miss out on 😄 What if some one want to have a Discworld server (Terry Pratchett’s Discworld) that’s some kind of flat earth on the back of a turtle 🙂

@Asux Just did a search for "Terry Pratchett’s Discworld" don't know it :) but that looks like fun and would be glad to host such a community 😂


@Asux Thanks, I will listen to it later before I fall asleep, audio books are a good way for me to wind down.

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