I will be starting the installation of v3.3.0 for every Mastodon server on

This is a big one 🤞

The downtime depends on the size of your database but I expect that for most instances it should around 1 minute.

You can read the change log here:

Upgrade finished. Every Mastodon server on is now running v3.3.0 🎉

Please let me know if you run into any issues. Thanks 🐘


Thank you! I can’t want to check out the new Mastodon features

@mastohost Thanks for all the work you do. I know we pay you and everything.. But honestly, It's worth so much to just have stuff like this happen, and with prior notice, and in the middle of a (for most of the world) big holliday. 👍

I'll take this opportunity to wish you a happy new year, and thank you for the one that will be over in a few days 🎉🎊

@openess That's very kind :) Glad to help, thanks.

Hope you have a great 2021, too 🎉

@mastohost oh wow, lots of stuff in the new update. Thank you so much for providing the management services for our instance!

@Taris yep, a lot of new stuff :) thank you for hosting with me. It has been a lot of work running but also fun.

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