Because I am getting too many strange signups in the last 24 hours and most people don't read the Terms of Service, I added a Temporary Notice to Pricing page:

"If you are looking for an alternative to Parler, this is not it. Please look elsewhere. Thanks."

I hope that's clear enough :)


Sorry you are getting caught up in our mess.

Someone will host them though. But in the Fediverse we can wall off the crazies, so they can go circlejerk all they like.

@jackwilliambell Thanks, hopefully they will circlejerk very far away from here.

@mastohost I'm really impressed by your stance on this! Makes me proud to use your service! 😀


Some people went to parler just because they wanted a place where one group's beliefs didn't smother theirs. Political beliefs do not trump the right of free expression. Painting people wanting an alternative to the technological elites with the same brush is just the first step to becoming what mastodon is challenging.

@timtomjuan As I don't speak for Mastodon, I can stand with what I feel comfortable with. I am a single person that alone created and runs a service online. I can choose who I want to do business with and who I don't want.
The great thing about decentralisation is that I cannot stop someone from creating a Mastodon instance and nobody can. If someone wants an alternative to technological elites and I don't host them, they can look to other services that host Mastodon and other ActivityPub.

@mastohost lol! 😆 You have a hard job and I appreciate the work you do. Happy to continue being a customer

@mdm Thanks. I really hate moderation problems. I am trying to act in advance here :)

@mastohost You definitely have some idea about how much trouble you'll save yourself with that little message. When Parler does down soon after AWS pulls their hosting (the change is supposed to be executed tonight), there's going to be a lot of traffic your way.

@roytang Well, before the notice went up I got an email almost every hour asking if I would allow someone to create a new Parler like community using my service, the answer to all of them was the same: NO. Since the notice went up, I didn't get a single email.
So, up to now it was 100% effective in not wasting my time with emails and the back and forth about why I am wrong, evil, stupid, my mind is poisoned, etc.

@mastohost It is intellectually weak to assume that everyone who wanted to use Parler is a right wing nut job. Some people just saw it as a place they could go that wouldn't creepy like stalk them, a al Facebook. I understand what you are trying to avoid, but you should be careful to not use so wide of a brush to label people.

@Phaserune The notice is not a moral/personal judgment on people that joined Parler. It's a weird choice but I don't live in their shoes.
What that notice attempts is to say, if you want to replicate the same community that was on Parler on my service, I will end up asking you to leave.
Multiple people contacted me yesterday asking if I allow them to create Parler "v2.0" on my service and the answer is NO. That notice hopefully avoids time wasting.

@mastohost I absolutely respect your right to operate that way. I would never think to try to impede that. I'm simply saying, not everyone on Parler was a right wing nut job, and not everyone trying to make a Parler 2.0 wants to harbor right wing nuts jobs or agendas. This need to label everyone with an identity is creating massive division. We need to judge people based on the content of their character, not how people who don't know them have labeled them. That is all. You know I support you.

@Phaserune Sure and thanks for the support. Is just that yesterday I was overwhelmed by emails asking to create communities similar to Parler on my service and when I said no, I was being insulted and harassed. At the same time many new subscribers that I then had to moderate and refund when they told me they wanted to create a community around StopTheSteal and similar. It was just becoming too much.

@mastohost @Phaserune It would be nice for them and a good test for the Fediverse if they did. But I really understand your problem.
That instance would blow out of proportions, and you would be completely caught up in te fallout.
And when the hype is over, you're left with the rubble.


This made me want to host my instance with you. Great prices, terms and also a clear moral stand. 💗

@mastohost thanks for this. Only heard about what happened earlier this week. Wow. That’s what happens to a social network with no rules in place. Serves as a lesson to all.

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