Thank you for your patience and for making it possible for me to run this fun project.

And just as a reminder, I leave here the 4th paragraph from Terms of Service:

... I was dreading a day like this for over 4 years.

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Because I am getting too many strange signups in the last 24 hours and most people don't read the Terms of Service, I added a Temporary Notice to Pricing page:

"If you are looking for an alternative to Parler, this is not it. Please look elsewhere. Thanks."

I hope that's clear enough :)

I did some changes to the SSL configuration of Mastodon servers hosted with - permanently disabled TLSv1.0.

This should only affect someone using a really old browser version (and you should upgrade for your own security) or a third party app that uses TLSv1.0.

Please let me know if you get any TLS/SSL/Certificate errors.

The Qualys SSL Lab report should return A+ for every domain on

At around 2:05 GMT something sent a massive amount of load through the network (all instances even dedicated independent servers experienced it).

Some instances on one of the old smaller/cloud servers that I still didn't have time to migrate were don't for about 15 minutes.

Apologies for the downtime and I'm planing to terminate all cloud servers by tomorrow and have everyone on shared hosting using bare metal.

I really hate these spikes and can't fully understand them.

I had to add a notice on website:

"Notice due to high demand new instances can take up to 24 hours to be installed"

Hopefully I will catch up in the next days but currently it's not possible to do better.


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