@sunflowers I tend to wait 24 hours before installing new releases but this one was small and contained some important fixes, so I decided to push it faster :)

@maique @kev Mastodon.social is regularly testing new features (all fixes from v3.1.5 should be there already) and not always following stable releases. Example, currently this is available on MS mastodon.social/@Gargron/10447 and not on the latest stable.

@maique Nah, it's a small percentage and unfortunately it has gone down a couple of times. Also, I depend completely on a single data center, if something goes wrong there, I can't do a thing. It's hard to create a highly redundant system and keep the prices low, at least at this scale.

@maique I need a way to communicate in case my platform goes down. That’s why I have my Masto.host account here.

And it's done! Every Mastodon server on Masto.host is now running v3.1.5

It all looks good but any problems or questions please let me know 🐘

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I will be starting the upgrade to Mastodon v3.1.5 for all servers on Masto.host

There shouldn't be more than 30 seconds of downtime.

You can view the release details here: github.com/tootsuite/mastodon/

@dregin sounds good, if you decide to migrate or if I can help with something feel free to reach out.

@dregin Hello, sure no problem. We just need to plan so we do it on a moment we are both online to avoid downtime.

I can send the instructions on what I need or if you want, you can give me access to the server and I handle the migration.

Any questions let me know.

@jc Using the old Light plan that costs €7/month, the equivalent number of Concurrent Requests is 4.

The database size is only limited on the new plans but you can see your current usage on Mastodon by going to Preferences->Administration->Dashboard
under Space Usage, PostgreSQL.

Have a look at that and if you want to change to the new plans, please send me an email with the plan you want to change to.

@jc There is no limit in the number of users both on the plan you are using and on the new plans. The estimated active number of users displayed on the new plans is just that an estimation and depends on usage. It's just provided to give a rough estimate based on usage seen across Mastodon servers.

The only limit on your plan is Web and Sidekiq threads, that is equivalent to Concurrent Requests on you the new plans.

@hombrelobo2k It's a bit hard for me to manage because USD fluctuates and my costs are all in Euro but I will think about it. Thanks.

@maique first of the new plans :) please check your email

@james You can view your database size in Mastodon on Preferences->Administration->Dashboard
under Space Usage, PostgreSQL.

I can tell you the storage space for media if you want but right now there is no way for you to view it live.

I am working on an interface for that.

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