@moiety Yes, they would take care of that.

A subdomain can have a different TLS/SSL certificate.

As long as you don't change the A record that points the root domain queer.garden to my servers, that will not change anything.

You will probably need to add a CNAME or an A record to pixels.queer.garden but that is ok.

If you have any doubts ping me when you are touching the DNS settings :)

@simon Hello, changing the limit on the number of characters requires code changes, as those limits come hardcoded on Mastodon.

On my platform, code changes are not possible as that would make the automated installation of updates nearly impossible, sorry.

@chuck Thank you so much. I love running Masto.host, it's challenging in a good way :)

@selea Hello,

Please read this: mastodon.social/@mastohost/106

Like I mention there, you can either wait for the next update or I can do it right now via Nginx. Please let me know if you want me to do it now.

@Stoori Hello, there is some discussion about how realistic or needed that permission policy is, as you can see here github.com/tootsuite/mastodon/ and github.com/tootsuite/mastodon/

Still, the Pull Request was merged and it should be included on the next Mastodon update.

I could manually implement it on Nginx but since that will be changed soon, I would suggest to wait until the next Mastodon update.

Now, if you want me to add it now using Nginx, let me know.

@chris Probably I will end up having to bite the bullet and do some live testing on a small subset.

My use case is not very common and possibly only in production I can have a definitive answer.

So, don’t worry about it. Just asked in case you had some previous experience with it :)

@chris :) no problem at all. I still have months of work ahead of considering any changes to the current set up. But you have good memory, in your shoes I would have forgotten by now.

@michael Well, you can request a backup whenever you like. Just shoot me an email.

I am building the backend interface to allow direct download of backups but I don't have an ETA for that yet. I am hoping for it to be in testing in a couple of months but can't be exact.

Also, Mastodon allows every user to download their data in Preferences->Import and Export->Data export but that is for individual accounts for the full server backup only by email request to me, right now.

Data center incident not affecting production 

Finally the new media backups have been copied to the new data center and the daily rotation is starting now. In the next couple of days it should be running daily for every account.

The old Object Storage (PCS) is still "Under investigation" by OVH to see if the data is recoverable: ovhcloud.com/en/lp/status-serv - still, even if it's recovered I will end up deleting it as the new backups are up to date.

Any questions please let me know.

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Data center incident not affecting production 

@floppy I try my best to be but Masto.host is a side project. I can't really do all I would like but I try to keep the basics in place.

Data center incident not affecting production 

@jwildeboer Thanks :)

Data center incident not affecting production 

@floppy ouch! It's the thing that most worries me, data loss and security. I started doing backups even when I didn't offer it in the plans and it was really a significant percentage of costs. Really glad this incident didn't affect production but if it did, I would some place to fallback with minimum data loss.

Data center incident not affecting production 

@thewismit Thanks :)

Data center incident not affecting production 

@archos Thanks :)

Data center incident not affecting production 

All going as expected, the backups for database, configuration files, SSL certificates and other config files will be fully copied today and will start the usual daily copy to the new data center tomorrow.

The media files it will take some days (or a couple of weeks) to be fully copied and doing the daily rotation that I had in place.

Still, hopefully the old backups will be retrieved but if not the new backup is already going.

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Data center incident not affecting production 

Replies from OVH about restoring their Object Storage from the data center have been vague. So, I can't be sure of a recovery of the backup data.

To try and be proactive in case of non recovery, I have started the backup from zero to another OVH data center in Warsaw.

The database backups from the past 2 days are currently being copied there and will start backing up media files later today.

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