@humanetech To be clear, I don't develop Mastodon and this is just my personal opinion, experience and thoughts.

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@humanetech Currently as long as the post is federated with your server. it never gets deleted and leaves on your database forever.

I believe the idea has to do with being able to see the remote profile inside the web interface of your server.

About fetching the missing posts on the fly it's just too resource intensive, plus the remote server could be offline or it could overload both the local and remote server and be a very slow experience for the users.

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@ton In terms of sizes scaling with the number of users, usually it doesn't scale linearly because if you have 10 users and 5 of them follow remote account X. The posts from account X are only federated/stored one. So, in general the larger the number of users the smaller the database space per user.

Obviously depends on usage. If you have a closed Mastodon server where the users down follow remote users or a small number of remote follows, this isn't the case.

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@ton The way Mastodon works, every post (except DMs if you are not mentioned) from people that federate with your server are copied to your database.

So, if 100 users federate with your server (meaning someone in your servers follows that user) and on average they make 5 post a day, your database will grow by 500 records everyday. After 1 year, you are storing 182k posts.

This if you don't use a Federation Relays.

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@kay I used the paid version of cloudns.net/ and have been running for years without a problem. They offer a free plan, have look.

@bengrosser I have no experience with Exoscale, so I can't really say. DigitalOcean is fine. If you have experience with either, you should be fine. I use OVH for hosting and it's a bit cheaper than both other options.

I would recommend installing Debian or Ubuntu.

@bengrosser if you are able to run your own fork and test it in development (not in production), then running your own server is not a lot more work. I believe that a couple of hours a month should be enough to check on server stuff.

If you need any help with setting it up and maintenance feel free to reach out.

@bengrosser On my service that is not possible. Neither I think that will be possible on a managed platform because that will require keeping the system updated in a way that is compatible with the fork. If you change your dependencies on your fork, the server management has no way of knowing that and the fork will not work.
Plus, Mastodon requires compilation of assets on many code changes and so you need to have command line access to compile and reload services.

@lee Glad you enjoy the work I do. Thank you so much.

@revkellyn Glad the problem is solve. It's a mystery to me what caused it but if it works now, great :)

@RecapTime That's a good idea, I will think it over. Not a big change. Thanks

@dumpsterqueer An instance with Limited Federation Mode is only accessible for someone with an account. Every URL of the public web interface is hidden behind a login prompt.

Plus it doesn't federate with any other server, unless you add the domain to your domain allow list.

Finally it is important to know that most third party software (mobile apps, etc) will not work if Limited Federation Mode is active.

@dumpsterqueer This is supported on Masto.host, I just need a request to activate it and I can enable it on my end. Have some instances that have it enabled.

But like it says on the docs docs.joinmastodon.org/admin/co "This mode is intended for private use only, such as in academic instituations or internal company networks, as it effectively creates a data silo, which is contrary to Mastodon's mission of decentralization."

@michael Hello, there is no abnormal behaviour on my end.

When you follow someone remotely it depends on both servers having enough resources to respond to the follow. Specially if the user is not know to the server there are multiple calls to fetch information.

Looking at the load on your server there doesn't look like the problem was on your end but on the server you were communicating to.

Please let me know if you notice this again with other servers.

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