Version 1.1 of Mastonaut is out! Some of the new features include:

∙ Custom emoji picker: Select from the list of custom emoji in your instance when composing a toot! You can even search them.

∙ Mention auto-suggestion: Just start typing a mention using the @ character and Mastonaut will lookup users with that handle.

∙ Delete & Redraft: You can now re-draft your toots. Mastonaut will even reuse the original attachments so you don't have to upload them again.

Of course this release also includes many bug fixes, including for the logging-in issues some people were experiencing.

@mastonaut ...hmmm, I just installed it on my work MacBook Pro, authorised it with, and it's just sitting there spinning and not actually loading my timeline.

@mastonaut (I haven't installed it on here before now, so I don't know if it's _never_ worked or not).

@mastonaut @virtualwolf I don’t see version 1.1 in the store yet. I’m in Canada. Your mileage may vary.

@steveroy @mastonaut Oh snap, I didn't even notice the version, good catch. Still at 1.0.2!

@mastonaut it crashes every time at startup do you need crashlogs?

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