Version 1.1.1 of Mastonaut is out! This patch release fixes a cash on launch issue introduced in version 1.1.


Enjoying the app 👍, thanks for the quick updates! It needs a few things before it can be my daily driver Mastodon app, but glad to watch how it progresses 😎

Feature request(s):
- Set a profile as default so I don't choose on launch every time
- Remember my column layout so if I close/reopen the window and/or app, the columns are restored instead of going back to single-column

@lotus42 Thanks for the feedback!

A default profile is a nice idea, thank you. Persisting window state between launches is a macOS feature: You can quit the app using Command-Option-Q, or set this as the default by deselecting the “close windows when quitting an app” checkbox in “System Preferences > General”.

@lotus42 Persisting windows without quitting the app is trickier because you can have unlimited windows set to the same account, and it’s not trivial what that behavior would look like in that case. You would probably find it better to simply hide/minimize windows instead of closing them individually. It is something I think a lot about, and the current behavior is definitely not final, so thank you for your feedback!

@mastonaut I see, yeah it could really affect other use cases that I hadn't considered (since I just use it one very particular way).

May be other ways to handle, but having to turn them into code is another thing. Something like, each profile having "layouts" you can save and specify one of them as default. (One-column, two-column, three-column - and then, what those columns show), etc. All sorts of possibilities.

I can see how difficult it must be to make those decisions haha

@mastonaut Yep! Oh nice, this might be enough to avoid the issue, though I don't know if it's something I want "on" for all apps

@russes Yes. It might take a few hours for it to show up everywhere, though.

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