Mastonaut version 1.2 is out! This is a major update that includes two big features that have been requested a lot:

∙ Search: You can now search the mastodon world for accounts and hashtags right from Mastonaut (status search is coming soon). Access it from the “File > Search…” menu, or by hitting ⌘F.

∙ Polls: Vote on polls right from your timelines in Mastonaut, and compose your own from the toot composer.

Get it from the Mac App Store!

@mastonaut I have serious issues with mastonaut since 1.1
The timeline doesn't load since the 1.1 update. The current update doesn't fix it. Deinstall und install again makes the whole thing even more worse: I can't loggin with my mastodon account. The error message I get is "The requested authority is invalid, unknown or incorrect." 😳

@macsnider Hello, I’m sorry for the issue. Can you try quitting Mastonaut, opening the Keychain Access app, searching for “app.mastonaut.mac.keychain”, deleting all “Application Password” entries and then trying to login again?

@macsnider Could you send me an invite in a direct message so I can try and login to your instance myself? Thank you 😊

@mastonaut Thanks Bruno! Loving Mastonaut :) Just wondering if you have a preferred way for submitting future feature requests, other than spamming you/this account? Thanks!

@chidgey Thank you for the positive feedback! Feel free to send it here, or to if you prefer.

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