Mastonaut 1.3.3 is out now. This update brings many small fixes and some UI changes to make browsing more intuitive. Check it out:

@mastonaut Hi! I just learned about the app. Is it also accessible to VoiceOver users on Mac? You mention AccessibilityLabel some times in the release notes, pertaining to custom emoji, but you never mention VoiceOver or other accessibility support explicitly anywhere. So I am wonndering if I can use your app as a blind user.

@marcozehe Hello Marco! VoiceOver is certainly a feature I’ve worked on, but it definitely could be a lot better. Some of the descriptions are not very helpful, like when you select a timeline VoiceOver will say “table, no selection”. Also, I’m not sure every feature is reachable with VoiceOver. It’s things like this. Now that version 1.3.3 is out and the path to version 1.4 is open, this is certainly something I want to improve as there will be some big UI refactors. Thank you for reaching out!

@mastonaut Thanks for your quick reply! I will get the app, and provide feedback for version 1.4.

It is worth looking at the role-based NSAccessibility protocols. To make VoiceOver speak "Home timeline" table, for example, you would override the AccessibilityLabel property for your table. See for an overview of what you can, or maybe must from the compiler side, implement.

@mastonaut Likewise, to make VoiceOver speak something comprehensive for each row when you arrow up and down a table, you would override the AccessibilityLabel property on each row which a custom string that reads, for example:

"User real name, toot contents including the description for each attached media, relative timestamp, full username, optionally boosted by realname, full username of booster".

See for a general overview and how rather simple it is since 10.10.

@mastonaut I am now running it, and can do a lot already. I am seeing some unlabelled buttons, like in the toolbar, and the table itself does not appear to set the selection for accessibility when using up and down arrows, so VoiceOver is silent. And there are lots of unlabelled elements in the toot composer. So, there is definitely room for improvement, but it is already very good to start with.

@marcozehe @mastonaut Hi, I also just stumbled across the app and ran into this conversation while figuring out what the best way to report accessibility feedback is. I'll just +1 what Marco said, though it looks like now arrowing through the table does change the selection though the label for the row that gains focus just says "toot" and you need to interact with each to read them, also there's no indication if a toot has an image or what its description is, though if you open the image viewer you can read it there. Also, there need to be a few more keyboard shortcuts, the 2 major features that should have one is a way to close out of a column and return focus to the timeline where you left off, and some way to switch between your home, notifications and other timelines without having to press the button in the top toolbar. The one for closing columns in particular is important because right now I found no way to do it with VoiceOver. Either way I'll keep an eye out for updates :)

@mastonaut I realise it’s not straightforward, but stopping the timeline from Auto-scrolling when new Toots come in would be awesome!

@chidgey it currently holds the timeline in place if you’re a few toots down from the top. Since Mastonaut has no “new toots above” indicator, it would be impossible for a user to know new toots arrived otherwise. This is definitely something I want to improve in 1.4 though, so thank you for your feedback 😊

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