@mastonaut Hi! it seems I can't login to a instance that has the "whitelist" mode on, is there any way around it ?

@mario_afk Hello. What issue do you have exactly? Is it an error message? Please provide screenshots if possible.

@mastonaut I’m hosting a small instance for me and my friends and I can’t continue the login process


@mario_afk The first step in authenticating is probing the following URL, which is returning a 401-unauthorized status: amigos.ellugar.co/api/v1/insta

@mario_afk If you compare it to the mastodon.social instance, for example, you’ll see it is public: mastodon.social/api/v1/instanc

@mario_afk Thanks for the link! Technically login is possible without querying /api/v1/instance, but Mastonaut does it in order to load info to be shown on the next step to allow the user to confirm they picked the right instance. I suppose I could ping the login endpoint instead and show “no info available”. For now I’d suggest momentarily disabling this whitelist. Once this step goes through everything else should work. I’ll make changes for the next version of Mastonaut to handle this better.

@mastonaut Thanks! looking forward on the next release, love the app :)

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