@mastonaut hey, I’m using Mastonaut 1.3.3, and whenever it restarts (after a quit or reboot; doesn’t matter) I get both columns loading indefinitely; I can work around it by toggling each to different views and back, is this a known issue? can I help with fixing it?

@ticky Hey! Thanks for bringing this up. What do you see on the account tab in the preferences window?

@ticky Hey, thanks for your help! I’ve been investigating this issue. Did it start happening after a while or did this always happen for your account?

@mastonaut I’m not really sure, it’s been long enough i can’t remember quite when i didn’t have the issue! Please let me know if there’s any data I can gather to help figure it out!


@ticky It would be very helpful if you could launch the Console app, type Mastonaut into the search, hit enter, and then pick “process” from the dropdown that appears. (See attached screenshot) Then launch Mastonaut. After ~10 seconds you can select everything, paste to a text file, and email it to support@mastonaut.app. Thank you for your help!

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