@mastonaut Hi. With the last update of the App Store I am having problems. I use two apps with split view, Tweetbot (two columns) and Mastonaut (four columns). Now, when I open a profile, for example, and a fifth column is created and I close it, there's an unused space and I have to resize it.


@LETRA Hello, pease try the following: Open preferences from the main menu ”Mastonaut” > “Preferences…” and then, from the “General” tab, change the option “when adding a new timeline column” to “shrink columns to make room first, then expand window”. Let me know if this helps!

@mastonaut Hello. Thank you for your answer. It doesn't work because I use Mastonaut (four columns) in split view with Tweetbot (two columns). But, before one of the last updates it worked correctly.

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