Version 1.3.9 of Mastonaut has just been released which addresses some instance emoji rendering issues on macOS Monterey, plus some small bug fixes:

• Fixes global search menu item not having a shortcut. (⌘⇧F)
• If a user has more than one account with the same display name, Mastonaut now lists the instance domain below the display name in the account pickers.
• Fixes context button in boosts and replies not being clickable.

Thanks for using Mastonaut! Ah you’re right, the local timeline was obeying filters with the “home and lists” context. I’ll fix this for the next update. Thank you for your help! Hey! I’m sorry you’re having issues with the filters. Can you please take a screenshot of the filter editor screen in Mastonaut showing the filter you’re having issues with, so I can figure out your exact scenario? It should look like the screenshot I’ve attached to this toot

Hey, a user has contacted me with this same issue, and I was able to identify it as a slight mismatch in the `Account` model. It seems that Mastodon always returns a valid URL for the `header` and `header_static` fields. I can tweak the parser in Mastonaut to expect a nullable URL but I thought of giving you a heads up as this might pop up as an issue in different places as well 😄

@heluecht Hello! Can you provide an example instance for me to investigate?

@toni Hey! I’m sorry you’re having issues. Do you have a crash log you can share? If yes please email it to

@srxavi Hey! Sadly this is not a standard Mastodon feature exposed by the API. However this is a feature that is gonna be included in the next update as a local per-account setting you can set manually from the preferences window.

@toni Hey! Not yet, but this will be added in a future release.

@LETRA Hello, pease try the following: Open preferences from the main menu ”Mastonaut” > “Preferences…” and then, from the “General” tab, change the option “when adding a new timeline column” to “shrink columns to make room first, then expand window”. Let me know if this helps!

@jadedfox hey! I’m sorry that you’re having issues. I believe this may be related to an issue I am aware of, but just to confirm it: What happens when you resize the window, or drag the separator between the conversation and the timeline columns?

@singingwolfboy I’m happy that I was able to help! There is an alert for when account issues happen, but I’ve gotten a couple of reports it doesn’t trigger for every scenario. I’ll make sure to revise this feature on the next update. Thanks for reaching out and for using Mastonaut!

@singingwolfboy Hey! If you open the preferences window and go to the Accounts tab, does it show any errors?

Mastonaut 1.3.4 is out, with plenty of bug fixes and performance improvements!

(It may take up to 12h for the update to show up for you, but usually less). Let me know what you think!

@ticky It would be very helpful if you could launch the Console app, type Mastonaut into the search, hit enter, and then pick “process” from the dropdown that appears. (See attached screenshot) Then launch Mastonaut. After ~10 seconds you can select everything, paste to a text file, and email it to Thank you for your help!

@ticky Hey, thanks for your help! I’ve been investigating this issue. Did it start happening after a while or did this always happen for your account?

@ticky Hey! Thanks for bringing this up. What do you see on the account tab in the preferences window?

@NatashaRomanoff Hey! Uploading gifs is supported, but if the image is larger than the mastodon size limit, Mastonaut will try to resize it, and probably it is not resizing gifs correctly. I’ll have a look. Thanks for the heads up!

@mario_afk Thanks for the link! Technically login is possible without querying /api/v1/instance, but Mastonaut does it in order to load info to be shown on the next step to allow the user to confirm they picked the right instance. I suppose I could ping the login endpoint instead and show “no info available”. For now I’d suggest momentarily disabling this whitelist. Once this step goes through everything else should work. I’ll make changes for the next version of Mastonaut to handle this better.

@mario_afk If you compare it to the instance, for example, you’ll see it is public:

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