Mastonaut version 1.3 is out! This update brings a lot of new features, such as notifications (can be configured by account); a share extension so you can share web pages, images, and more from the share menu in other apps; pinned toots; and a lot more.

This update has been under development for the past couple of months and also brings a lot more polish to the app. I hope you enjoy it!

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@kurzgedanke It’s something I’m still hoping to include in version 1.3!

Also, this only affects soft filters, since hard filters are already handled by the server.

@virtualwolf Thanks for raising awareness on this issue! It hadn’t been obvious to me so far, but now you mentioned it, I can see it as well.

And the reason it makes no sense is because due to the uniquing algorithm used, they’re truly in random order! 😅

Thanks again and it should be fixed in the next update. 😊

I’m aware of a bug affecting the toot composer in Mastonaut: If you try to reply to a status while the composer is uploading an attachment, it might corrupt the upload, even if the icon shows it as “uploaded.” I’ve already identified the issue and it should be fixed in the next update. Sorry for any inconvenience!

@Thegcat unfortunately not, I’m sorry. I tried including a fix for that, but it turned out a bit more complicated than I anticipated. It should come in the next release though.

Version 1.2.2 of Mastonaut is out now. It includes fixes to several bugs and crashes, plus some new features.

@oolongstains interesting. Thank you again, I’ll investigate it 😊

@oolongstains Thanks for reporting this issue!

Could you try go to the viewing options in the app preferences and toggle the default visibility of sensitive media and see if that fixes it? This could help narrow it down.

@kurzgedanke You can have it do that by quitting the app with ⌘⌥Q (or make this the default behavior by unticking the “quit windows when closing app” checkbox in “System Preferences” > “General”).

@kurzgedanke Yeah... unfortunately it is a hard limit applied by Mastodon, which is not even documented. I found it by looking through the code. If it was a bytesize limit, better compression could be applied, but since it is a dimension limit, there’s not much that can be done 😞

@kurzgedanke It depends. If the image is larger than 16 megapixel (Mastodon’s hard limit), then Mastonaut will resize the image to fit that limit.

Also, if the image is a HEIC wrapper, Mastonaut will re-encode it as a PNG (and also resize it if necessary).

@uther Hey, thanks for reaching out 😊 Support for lists is planned for version 1.3. iCloud settings is definitely a priority for a future version, and proxy support, although nice, would be a bit too much work for the nature of the app, at least for now.

@oolongstains Thanks for the crash report! This issue was caused by a specific emoji in your instance having an animation delay time of zero! 😄 I don’t know if it is a malformed file, or if it’s a decoding issue.

Regardless, Mastonaut should be able to handle these situations without crashing, and the bug is now fixed. Thank you again!

@oolongstains This bug has been fixed already and it will be out in the next patch release 😊

@oolongstains hi! I’m sorry for the issue 😓 I don’t get all of them. If you could send it to it would be super helpful! Thank you!

@apetresc Check for the “when opening a new window” setting in the app preferences 😊

@Thegcat So I’ve investigated this further, and I can fix it, but I also think this could be a bug/inconsistency in the mastodon API. I will investigate further and let you know. Thanks for bringing up this issue 😊

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