So, no Fairphone 3, and Fairphone 2 released in 2015. Looks like I will need to reconsider my mobile strategy. Eh.

Yeah, that's a real problem after imploding.

I have to live now with my 6p (+Netguard) and my Nexus 5 (Ubuntu Touch).

I was thinking of buying a Sony Xperia for the experiment, but I'm sick of experiments and, perhaps, wasting money.

@mastor a friend of mine uses on a Sony Xperia and seems quite happy with that set-up. Not a hardware hacker, either. Seems like SailfishOS on an Xperia is a usable option.

@rysiek 200 € again, at least. Hm.

(I used a Jolla phone before I went Nexus with custom ROMs/Tor/Copperhead …)

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