Decreasingly able to solve CAPTCHAs... the machines and I are approaching an interpretability break-even point.

Had no idea that was considered unreliable because their contributors can basically write anything.

Also did not know Wikipedia kept a page listing which sources they believe are reliable for specific topics. LOVE!

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@ticky Pocket is very much of a similar vein.

I'm using it to organise content I've found of interest to me.

I'm NOT using it to have Additional Random Crap of No Fucking Interest Whatsover spammed at me.

But what it does is 1) prevent me from revisiting or searching the content I've already identified as being of interest whilst 2) spamming me with Additional Random Crap of No Fucking Interest Whatsover.

App devs / Product Managers ARE NOT YOUR FRIENDS.

My favorite new : 1080p videos of someone slowly flipping through medieval illuminated manuscripts.

@aral I think this understanding of terms is reverse of the norm -- it equates "anti-capitalistic" with competitive markets.

@mintyfresh I've heard from other friends that the auto-mod is spinning out of control.

banned a comment I made about it still being warm enough to grow tomatoes.

Stupid network effect -- I wish I could quit, but everyone I know IRL is over there.

@grishka @Gargron
If your only use case for a VPN is home endpoint security (in an airport, hotel, or to obscure your traffic from your ISP), then a personal OpenVPN server will probably work fine.

Yeah, the service itself, so aside from the question of whether you can trust them not to keep logs and not get hacked, it's the traffic analysis from the VPN endpoint that is important. If you're the only one using an OpenVPN server instance, it's super easy to analyze your traffic. If you're one of thousands of users who can cycle your endpoint across hundreds of servers in dozens of countries, it's harder to correlate.

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Donald E. Knuth did it!

"The Art of Computer Programming, Volume 4, Fascicle 5" is out!

I think it could make sense if you want plausible deniability -- traffic initiated by lots of different origins rather than just by your systems. Haystack sort of thing?

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How to tell a true friend: they strip the tracking identifiers and amp junk from a url before sharing it with you.

Nasa unveils spacesuits for 2024 Artemis lunar program.

Can somebody do a of one of these? Would love to see a comparison with 's suit.

The creators of Monkey Island created a new game in 2017 with crowd funding. It's called "Thimbleweed Park," and it's available on most platforms. My fiance and I played through it in about 3 days on my .

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