I've been working on some articles about today's online social networking nightmares, how we ended up with them, and what we might want to do next. Here's part one:

@mathew hi, why don't you use the <article> markup to enclose your article ?

I am asking because I use following userstyle to justify articles I read:

article p { text-align: justify; }

It works almost everywhere. I was suprised to see it not working on an article on such topic.

@mathew also the

<section class="section"> looks weird and useless...

@mathew one correction: wil wheaton wasn't driven off by a "coordinated pile-on"; wil wheaton received organic pushback when he started mass-reporting people for benign things that didn't even mention him. the server admin complained that there were too many reports being filed re: wheaton, both incoming and outgoing. nothing about it was coordinated, though.

@mathew I like your article, although there's a (tiny) factual mistake in it:
"even though Turkey is a member of the EU"

Turkey isn't and has never been a member of EU. They were on track to apply to become a member, but their membership was blocked because they didn't live up to EU human rights standards.

Really enjoyed the article. When's the next one?

You might want to correct your article a bit while I will not doubt there are Neo Natzis on a site like Twitter and Facebook lets clarify rather or not your saying that because they don't agree with your politics (1/2)

(people like that are the problem if that's the case, like no literally look at Mark Waid Mr. fucking committed tortuous Interference and felt he was entitled to do so without punishment and even bragged about doing so on twitter) you could even simply provide and example of said Neo Natzi while censoring the username (redacting sensitive information)

There are also a few typos and if you cant keep your personal views out of it I can see this being a good report (2/2)

@mathew another side note you forgot about De-platforming form Finical support ware (Ie Patreon's ban of Sargon of Akkad that exposed a bias and unethical practices form crowdfunding giants and micro currency like Paypail and Stripe) You really need to check out TimCast on Youtube he covers the corruption happening in Patreon quite well in regards to it even exposed it was nothing to do with master-card.

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