I've been working on some articles about today's online social networking nightmares, how we ended up with them, and what we might want to do next. Here's part one:

@mathew hi, why don't you use the <article> markup to enclose your article ?

I am asking because I use following userstyle to justify articles I read:

article p { text-align: justify; }

It works almost everywhere. I was suprised to see it not working on an article on such topic.

@mathew also the

<section class="section"> looks weird and useless...

@mathew one correction: wil wheaton wasn't driven off by a "coordinated pile-on"; wil wheaton received organic pushback when he started mass-reporting people for benign things that didn't even mention him. the server admin complained that there were too many reports being filed re: wheaton, both incoming and outgoing. nothing about it was coordinated, though.

@mathew I like your article, although there's a (tiny) factual mistake in it:
"even though Turkey is a member of the EU"

Turkey isn't and has never been a member of EU. They were on track to apply to become a member, but their membership was blocked because they didn't live up to EU human rights standards.

Really enjoyed the article. When's the next one?

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