Tim Berners-Lee is at it again with his Contract For The Web.

@aral will get a laugh from the supporters.

@mathew @aral To be fair, it's meant to be a promise going forward. But of course #facebook & co. have a different idea of what privacy means compared to everyone else. 🤦‍♂️

@mathew @aral :D This week's episode of Silicon Valley (HBO) was pretty much exactly about this.

@mathew @aral You forgot to highlight GitHub which is owned by Microsoft.

@mathew @aral This doesnt fit into governments and has already been broken my many states.

@mathew @aral "As long as there is a state, there is no freedom"

@nifker @mathew @aral it doesn't mention DNS blockade by Turkey, the Chinese firewall, shutting down internet in Kashmir(india), Iran. It does not mention it:

Even if the organization is going to be "diplomatic" about it, i think there is little point in not openly pointing it out.

@mathew @aral

me: help, I only have 🖕🖕 and there's three things to flip off

@mathew @aral @Shufei did he get the idea from Silicon Valley or something

@mathew The tragedy of the situation is, this will continue to happen. Change takes labour and energy, and labour and energy is money.

And if you want to enforce some rules, good or bad, on the world-wide entity that's famous for its successful resistance to basically any rules being enforced, you need not Patreon and lunch-savings decent-living money, you need THE money - like, industry-grade money, turn-mountains-to-dust money.

And you (@aral especially) know what type of industry is the most prevalent on the Internet now, and who has most of THE money.

So THEY have the ability to enforce the rules now. Sir Berners Lee may be the figure of respect for us, the nerds and internet citizens, he enabled all of our bullshit. But he is a smalltime computer scientist with weird ideas for suits at the Wall Street, who the hipsters at Silicon Valley also have to bow down to.

Which is the worst kind of problem, because people who are actively causing the problem have no reason to solve it.

@mathew @aral Definitely reads like it's up to the governments (I agree with those points) and corporations to Fix The Web rather than the people, and to the extent it does mention the real solutions they feel downplayed.

Also I dislike that he feels like he has to ask people to write great stuff online, because they already are! The issue is we're not seeing that...

@mathew You forgot to point out GitHub, which is Microsoft owned.

GitHub should be renamed to MS GitHub, just to remind people.

@mathew @aral presumably that means "gave us money to make themselves look good" rather than "actually intend to do this in a meaningful way" :(

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