Are you one of those people only using Facebook because it's where people invite you to events? Well, now's the perfect time to .

@mathew I've never used fb (moral decision years ago knowing of zuck). I wonder how close this project is to replacing w/e fb has for meetings?
Only fb people would be able to answer that.

@mathew would need a good (not experimental) replacement though

@powersource Friendica works fine for me, is mature, and is on the Fediverse.

@mathew @powersource Is it a comparable experience to FB? I haven't seen this, last time I looked only diaspora was aiming at an FB style UX

Also one would hope it is a lot more mature than Diaspora, which still feels young and lacking in features and polish.

Of course, that's just baseline... all of that does little good without the network effect.

@mathew LOL

People are using FB more than ever now.

I was planning to delete this spring, despite the negative impact that would have for me, but with the pandemic, that is delayed indefinitely, or possibly canceled.

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