I think I'll be clear about this: I am not anti-Mozilla.

(Though putting Pocket in their addressbar rather than an RSS/Atom subscribe button does go against my design principles for encouraging a more decentralized web)

I think they are a positive influence, but they have too much influence to loose to be as radical as they pretend to be.

At the same time we do need a truly radical browser engine to help get us out of the sad software development we're in. I hope to be that!

@alcinnz I think things started to go downhill around the time Brendan Eich was told to go.

It's one of the earliest cases of this modern era of cancel culture; especially when it comes to attributing a specific moralistic opinion as either virtuous or dangerous


@djsumdog @alcinnz
If Eich's departure is what made Mozilla go downhill, we can expect Eich's new Brave browser to uphold the principles Mozilla has forgotten, yes?

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@mathew @djsumdog From what I've seen so far:

1. About the only thing that makes them unique is some cryptocoin nonsense, which they've been very scammy about. Initially there were decent adblocking defaults, but Firefox & Safari caught up there.
2. They cannot have the same level of influence without their own browser engine (they're a minor variation on Chrome). That's impossible without giving up on JS, which I can't see Eich doing.

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