Sad that no mainstream web browser supports the Samba protocol. I have an archive of HTML files stored in a Samba share which I can't read.

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A Samba share is like a network drive. Your browser doesn't normally have to support the protocol explicitly, because it's handled by the OS, & works just like opening an HTML document on your local machine.

@publius I have exactly the same theory in my head.

But in practice, each application in Gnome seems to be supporting SMB. Files, Evince, Rhythmbox, VLC etc. are all individually supporting SMB. If I drag and drop a HTML file into the browser, it simply searches for the file path (smb://path/to/file.html) as a search query.

There doesn't seem to be a way of opening an SMB mount in a terminal.


@njoseph @publius
The application isn't really supporting SMB. It's using GNOME's filesystem and URL APIs, and GNOME is automatically mounting the SMB volume without the application having to know anything about it.

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