We found an open source license that Google is against so we're changing to it: Hello AGPL!

It helps prevent corporations from taking our code and selling it as a proprietary competitor.

No change to you as a Plausible subscriber or self-hoster.


@plausible Great news. Just know that as soon as you accept any new contributions under AGPL, you can never change the license without the contributor ageeing to it.

Therefore, I advise you to add "or any later version" to your readme, which will allow you to upgrade to future versions of the AGPL

@jordan31 @plausible That applies to any copyleft license, it what makes them great (you can't take rights away from the users by changing the license)

@Matter @plausible that's right. I remember now, most open license is user friendly not developer friendly.

@jordan31 @Matter @plausible
Open source licenses are extremely developer friendly, as long as the developers don't want to take rights away from users.

@mathew @Matter @plausible but rights given by the developer. So, yeah its kind of unfriendly to developers. Not saying I think taking g rights away is good but there is a power imbalance.


@jordan31 @Matter @plausible
It's unfriendly to developers who want to take away other people's rights. That's a feature, not a bug.

I mean, you might as well argue that commercial software licenses are unfriendly to developers. After all, they don't let you sell copies of the software as part of your own bundles.

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@mathew @jordan31 @Matter @plausible great to see your solid responses Mathew - didn't see them until after I'd responded, too (along similar lines). Yes, Copyleft is ideal for people who don't encourage exploitation of people by software licenses. It's about being an ethical human, not "developer-friendly".

@jordan31 @mathew @Matter @plausible if you're keen to proprietarise #FOSS, then I'd have to agree with you ;)

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