No, Apple is not logging every time you run an application in macOS 11.

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@mathew it’s not that it’s or it is not logging it. It’s that, the information is not encrypted. Therefore, anyone can just intervene and see all you’re opening in real time.

@LarryAbreu Except not, as the article explains. It sends information about the developer certificates of some of the apps you're running, on some occasions when you start them.

@mathew Yeah, i don't think is that big of a deal. But here is a video Giving some more light into it.

@mathew not quite yeah. But also not so far from it 😛

@mathew not every time, just some unspecified amount that is “often.” Sounds great...

@mathew O.K., I didn't like Apple's "Gatekeeper" from the start. But this isn't anything worse or new.

@mathew So basically: This isn't any reason not to upgrade to Big Sur. Complain if you want, but at this point you're probably not using Mac anymore.

@alcinnz Yeah. I mean, as the Mac gets more limited and iPad-like, I wonder if at some point what I really want is an iPad Pro and a Linux computer.

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