Sought: Books on the history of the early Internet, for my youthful co-workers

@darius UPDATE: I watched too many episodes of Mass Appeal's Rhythm Roulette and ordered a sampler smh

@darius Do you know anything about finding drum samples? I am getting into electronic percussion but I would like to draw on other peoples' tastes when it comes to the exact sounds I trigger

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fediverse technical meta; computer history 

This is going to seem like a joke but it's not: in ~1978, there was a minor crisis around connecting the various networks (ARPA, CYCLADES, etc) into an "inter-network environment", aka the internet. Some of the discussions seems similar to our discussion of interoperability between content types in ActivityPub networks. I think it would behoove fediverse nerds to read up on this stuff.

1978 paper summarizing the issue (PDF):

I'm thinking about getting back into content

giant nigh-unanswerable language embedding questions on a Sunday afternoon 

@aparrish I want to get into weird text analysis of my and my friends' writing. Have you thought about* methods of creating embeddings from small corpora without needing to augment it with the biases that come from other data sets?

* - from Programming is Forgetting and your general stilo I kinda think it might be most of what you think about but idk how else to put it~

It's ! if you can afford it, please consider checking this list of community bond funds, and throwing in the cost of a drink (or 2, or 10, or...)

Bond funds get people out of cages! Thank you!

Po, if federated instances are to survive embrace-extend-extinguish moves by other social networks, the key competitive edge is in community and discovery. 2B people on a service is not "a community"

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webware nerds talk about 'protocols' a lot. I would like to understand the diagram language of these protocols. I'm on the lookout for diagrams that you think are so well-defined you'd go, huh, yeah I could implement it by looking at that diagram

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hivemind: does anyone remember the name of the artists who did that project extracting tantalum and other elements from ewaste to make weird spacey looking crystal sculptures? I know it's a duo, I know they're Belgian or Dutch maybe, and I always forget their fucking name.

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Are there any academics here publishing on the intersection of paganism and computers/internet/digital practice? A friend has a tentative CFP for a journal but it's not final (otherwise I'd just post it here). If there are any academics interested here on the fediverse or you know anyone, ping me!

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Happy Halloween! Looking for something 👻spooky👻 to play??? Check out my new multiplayer game "Chess but harder" on Glitch! It's like chess, but harder!

@soph Would you recommend a cable modem and/or router that I own, over the possibly spyful ISP-provided devices?

My main threat is being grumpily opposed to advertiser profiling, but my sweetie is over often and may engage with some topics from the workshop.

damn, mathematicians just started talking about 'sketches' all at once alla sudden and not defining it. it seems like, mm, a selection that's smaller/sparse than some heavy object?

I am currently sucking at . I drew a thing! Then I tried a better way to draw the thing and can't seem to draw the old thing again. >_<


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