Commercial software using closed protocols is the reason we have to juggle a bunch of different apps like Discord, Slack, Hangouts and so on. Closed platforms fundamentally undermine the very spirit of how the internet is meant to work.

In Excel you can add passwords to protect your workbooks/sheets or VBA projects. If you forgot the password, you can easily remove it by opening the workbook in 7Zip and removing certain strings/values from a file. what's the purpose of the password if it doesn't add protection? 🤔

My favourite thing about Microsoft Windows. 

After having to use Windows for some hours (for example at work), it feels really good to come back to a proper operating system afterwards.
Microsoft help people remember how much they appreciate Linux.
I guess that's the only "good" thing about it though..

microsoft pushiness, edge browser 

Oh, geeze, Microsoft... you are so inappropriate. Taking control of my desktop to show me what's essentially an ad for the new Edge browser, automatically starting the setup wizard, telling me to import my Firefox bookmarks, pinning Edge to my taskbar, and then running your browser?
I use Firefox. I don't want a Microsoft browser and I never will. Remember that browser monopoly lawsuit? This is the kind of thing that caused that.

Want to liberate yourself from the clutches of Google / Youtube?

Support the development of PeerTube, if possible, as the push for version 3 functionality is ongoing!

Here's the basic roadmap plan of funding points:

Global search


Plugins & Playlists
(Aug. - Sept.)

Live streaming
(Oct. - Nov.)

Let's make this happen 👍

#Peertube #funding #deleteYouTube #deleteGoogle #roadmap #Framasoft #streaming #live

And the annual Inconsistent GUI Design Award goes to..... Microsoft!

There's some crazy internal US politics right now that threatens #OpenTechFund, who funded #LetsEncrypt, #CertBot, @torproject , #NoScript, TLS ESNI/ECH, #DNSPrivacyProj, #ReproducibleBuilds, #Wireguard, #DeltaChat, #OpenKeychain, #pypi, @guardianproject , @signalapp , and more. Looks like a couple proprietary software companies are trying to take over this #FreeSoftware money. Please sign on to the campaign to try to stop it:

goes subscription.

Unless you think proprietary subscriptions for software is a good idea, it's time to go . Go . Discover at - made by you, for you, free forever.

I usually have nothing positive to say about FB, but this is certainly a step in the right direction.

Labeling State-Controlled Media On Facebook

In Norway we have road signs showing where we can find

("foss" actually means "waterfall", so not FOSS 😅)

Router Freedom challenged by new European rules

From 21 June a new set of rules will guide the implementation of Router Freedom in Europe. The internalisation of the rules by the 27 EU member states will face challenges with negative consequences for Router Freedom. The FSFE contributed to several improvements of the guidelines and will monitor compliance with them.

Unbelievable 😢
Luckily I got a picture that shows the registration number!

While in general has moved from low level programming (in assembly) to more high level programming, I feel like graphics programming has had the opposite development.
Before you had a fixed function pipeline (where fog was automatic). Then we got shaders. And then more shaders (geometry/tesselation). And now mesh shaders, and low level APIs.
In 10 years we're probably writing everything in assembly 😂 (joking, obviously).
Funny to think about though!

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