Question: Is Facebook breaking European competition law when they buy Oculus in order to enforce their own services on their users?

If you buy an Oculus, you now need to login using a Facebook account, unless you pay a lot more for the business model.

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Probably not, although it must be treading a truly fine line over the market dominance angle. There are alternative headsets out there and as far as I'm aware, they have no linked business interests in those other devices. Not that this makes it right, at all.

I was so interested in Oculus at the beginning. As soon as Facebook got involved, I knew it would lead to this disgusting behaviour and run away as fast as possible.

I've never been so disappointed to be right.

@gray I am afraid you are right. I was thinking that you could argue that they are exploiting their market position in the VR industry, but I guess it can't be seen as "anti-competitive"..

And yes, I'm really annoyed by that too.
Personally I can just choose to buy another VR headset (Vive, etc.), but for my current job it's a bigger problem. Oculus have the best VR headsets for our customers, but we can't recommend it to them if they need Facebook accounts to use it..

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