So a very close friend of mine is doing a survey toghether with her colleagues.
If you have time and accept Google Forms - feel free to fill our this survey:


@selea Pretty great survey! I filled it out; hope my tiny contribution to their dataset helps.

One little frustration I had was that this question…

“In which apps for services do you NOT mind ads? For example pop up ads with time limit or banners.”

…didn’t have an option for “none of the above”.

I couldn’t answer honestly, given that I don’t like ads in any usecase/service context. Each of the options has cases where I _DO_ mind ads’ privacy/security risks and psychological manipulation.

@selea Really appreciate what your friend is doing here though! There were a lot of really great, insightful and thoughtful questions in the survey. Kudos to them!


Yeah we aggree to that. It was a clear miss and they have realized that that they missed that option.
Thanks for pointing that out!

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