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I just finished reading @doctorow@twitter.com’s Walkaway.

Fucking A.

Because I have no stomach for distopias, and I want to feel hope again. Crawling from the wreckage.

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"Will Mastodon make any money?" scream the journalists, who have forgotten the joy of building sandcastles on the beach

In A.D. 2017, meme was beginning 

In the mastodon justice system, the people are represented by two separate, yet equally important, groups: the police, who investigate memes; and the district attorneys, who prosecute the shitposters. These are their stories.

not joking here. serious post. if it becomes impossible to block ads at some point i'll just end up browsing the web like stallman does, furiously tapping the hook switch on a 1950s bell telephone to approximate V.32 9.6 kbps frequency/phase shift keying, with the telephone's audio output connected to one of those seismogram plotters. this will give me a paper copy that i can annotate & peruse at my leisure (ie write in the data in pencil, mark the start of packets with a highlighter)

its the year 2050. for 10 years your retinal implant has been blinking 12:00 because the company decided to stop supporting it

Bookface is the equivalent of a social calendar secretary. That's the only functionality I need from it.

I need a service with which to invite those of you on my Mastodon network to a party or convention, and manage the RSVP list. And to coordinate when my collaborators will meet to work on our projects and organizations. It needs to combine the day/time voting of Whenisgood.com with Meetup.com

I thought perhaps upcoming.org would do it, but no.

So I'm going to make it. #projectdovetail

It's time to replace my car. The whole radiator is leaking and needs to be replaced, or I'll be filling the coolant every day. Anybody have a good lead on a Ford Focus, Honda Civic, or another car with a low total-cost-to-own?

Every time I read a thinkpiece on the culture wars, I notice that they all seem to include a few paragraphs about how nerds are at the epicenter.

@emmymau I've been reading through listicles of cars with the lowest total cost of ownership. But they keep mentioning rate of depreciation as a factor. Does this mean they are only addressing new-car purchases?

I usually buy a used car, drive it until the drive train breaks down, and sell it for scrap. Should I be ignoring their advice?

Hey there, crowd! Indy will be here in ONE MONTH! Make sure you:
* Register at protospiel-indy.org !
* List the prototypes you'll bring, and check out what prototypes you want to test, at tabletop.events/con…/protospie

See you soon!

@elplatt I figured lots of people must have already talked about this, and written guides to making workarounds for long-form Mastodon/birdsite less painful. And I figured if anyone knew about it it would be you. [4 of 4]

@elplatt I was never the use-case for the bird site to begin with. I need to be set free from bookface. And Mastodon does not seem intended to serve that. [3 of 4]

@elplatt or a tool to transform a long-form text into a series of toots? [2 of 4]

@elplatt Is there a convenient way to read a series of toots in chronological order? [1 of 4]

Publications and signage for are complete. My Life-Sized "Hey That's My Fish" is complete. Made arrangements to pick up a guest of honor at the airport. Looks like all is in readiness.


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