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@mattcropp @Antanicus glad we moved to this dive bar ;) much cooler than that other mainstream club!

@mattcropp @Antanicus not sure

Maybe we should set up a coop instance he'll be happy(ier) to join!
along with others from the p2p/coop/commons movements of course...

As mentioned, I'm happy to set up an instance for us to experiment with (via, all we need is a good domain name to start, and we can later figure the coop structure for admin/moderation/funding/etc...

.@mayel @Antanicus I think would be the obvious choice, though I wonder if the founder of the "mother node" would be open to scaling it via the structure of democratic user ownership? Thoughts on the idea, @Gargron ?

@mattcropp @Gargron @Antanicus

that would indeed be ideal! :)

as another option, I've just registered the domain (pending verification: just to reserve it and then transfer control to or a new that may be created

Matt Cropp (now @

.@mayel @Antanicus @Gargron governance proposal in 1 toot:

Members pay a $1 membership share to join, and commit to paying a $0.10/mo subscription via (a platform co-op). If there is surplus beyond costs, members can propose platform improvements to create bounties for, and then vote on their favorite proposals. Top vote-getters get funded. Members also may propose & vote on instance policies, adjust monthly fee & pay patronage refunds.

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