Wow, stunned this is even being discussed. This exactly what needs to happen. The birdcage would have an easier time raising funds via donations than wikipedia in my opinion and making it a co-op would change the focus from advertiser based to content based. Can this save it from the trollpocolyse it's having? I don't know. But it's interesting.

@compthink You have no idea how excited I am that the campaign is getting major public traction at the same time that is blowing up. The implications are just beautiful... 😀

Cc: @ntnsndr

@mattcropp @ntnsndr I hadn't even heard about #buytwitter, I've often thought something like this is what's needed, it needs to become a public service. But now that I've seen mastodon I wonder if the single centralized system is part of the problem too. It's great, hope it succeeds.

.@compthink @ntnsndr My thinking right now is that if wins, we decentralize it upon taking control, and maybe Twitter becomes the largest Mastodon node. ;)

If the resolution fails, we can then potentially divert the campaign's energy and supporters into a that is run along the lines of what is being proposed for by the campaign...

Basically, sell us the platform or ... ;)

Great thinking, Matt. And I think we should escalate that logic. Let's make the official plan B. Do you think you can have a working version ready by May 22?

@mattcropp @ntnsndr Great, I'll expect you'll keep us all updated then. Sounds interesting. But I don't think Mastodon can entirely fail, it's like a virus, there's no way to bottle it entirely when it this open and decentralized. It may stop at a few hundred thousand but never vanish.

@twitter @ntnsndr @compthink User-base, mostly. Strategically, the of the platform monopolies has been the hump that past non-extractive challengers have failed to get over (like Diaspora). Acquisition bypasses that.

That said, as the resolution's chance of success is slim, a benefit of the exercise is to build broad buyin for the idea of a social , priming a good # of users for a move to an alternative (masto?)

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