@strypey WordPress is completely different to Medium. Following the enclosure of the Medium commons the suggestion was an open source open coop distributed alternative that offered the same functionality as Medium.

@strypey Difference between Medium medium.com/@keithpp and wordpress keithpp.wordpress.com/ is that of functionality, its utility, not its underlying function. As you can see, I use both.

@strypey @wiki_vic If you have used both, then you know there is a big difference between Medium keithpp.wordpress.com/ medium.com/@keithpp and wordpress

@strypey Both could go that way, burn the Vulture Capitalists.

@strypey Only works if as good as or better than what it replaces. Mastodon is a sad example of a niche going nowhere because design ill thought out. Even using the pig's ear interface a pain. medium.com/dark-mountain/eleph

@strypey I have no desire to get involved, even though I am an experienced software designer. I have analysed what is wrong, suggested possible solutions. It is for others to listen and act. medium.com/dark-mountain/eleph #Mastodon #twitter

@strypey @keithpp I see a strategy: campaign in good faith for a conversion to spread the vision of a participant-controlled platform. When the logic of prevails, channel disappointment to migration to democratic alternatives.

It's a conceptually shorter 1st step 4 most folks to imagine ownership reform of a familiar platform, while the energy generated by the frustration of that dream might spur radical action.

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@strypey maybe. Or maybe FOSS would come on every new machine by default? Counterfactuals are tricky... :P

@strypey we need places to funnel the folks who decide to , so thanks for your work! 😘

@strypey We can hope; a side project has been organizing a to try to get the capital mobilization infrastructure in place to be able to move if the opportunity arises...

@mattcropp @strypey

Sounds a good strategy.

More or less what I am doing.

Postcapitalism the future will be open source, platform coops, collaborative commons, but has to be better not offer something flawed.

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