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The thing about the Discourse (right now about instance blocklists, but whichever) is that instance administrators currently have approximately zero accountability to users and can unilaterally make literally whatever decisions they want, so we end up with vacuous conversations among elites (tech-minded ppl) about what is "right" and "ethical" instead of politically actionable ones among the general populace like "if your instance admin does X, do Y to hold them accountable."

Discourse @ Mastodon 

@u2764 well can we build a truely democratic instance?

Discourse @ Mastodon 

@Sweet_Tango_Chill I think it is possible to build a Mastodon co-op but that it is a task that would take a great deal of planning and foresight to pull off well.

@xj9 @Sweet_Tango_Chill @u2764 A bunch of us has a conference call not 2 hours ago on this topic. Lots of good ideas coming out of the & movements.

We're moving forward with spinning up an initial instance to be at social.coop, and which will be open to movement practitioners as the initial user base, with the governance infrastructure open sourced. Loomio: loomio.org/g/ibncxoDR/social-c

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