@Trav1sty @ntnsndr Got the same email. The vote is May 22, and you need to close your account by May 16 in order to not have a new account opened at the new service, though fees will be waived for a few months, it looks like...


I think I'm going the keep an eye on the & hashtags. I'm pretty sure most folks who show up there are people I'd like to follow... 😁 mastodon.social/media/Jnor-phd

Alright, . The true omen of a social media platform's success is a wave of pet pix. Let's get trending! Meet Anabel Lee the : mastodon.social/media/_1Y291Uv

If you're interested in the idea (which I think could be a good model for organizing resources for nodes & dev), I'm helping organize a webcast panel on governance & community control at scale on Thurs 4/13 at 3pm EST. It'll be moderated by Michel Bauwens of the foundation, and viewable live and after the fact through this link:



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