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seriously fuck women who try to cheat on their boyfriend before actually breaking up. like a transition

Yo fediverse, how do I make awesome music videos with minimum effort and still somewhat cool?

I thought of using shadertoys and some vfx mix but I still think they'd be boring as heck...

any inspiration is greatly appreciated

Isn't it weird how we make round pizzas, delivered in square boxes, just to cut them into little triangles before eating.

Β  because I truly love sharing and improving without financial gains in mind

Are there people on here who speak fictional languages? Like klingon or high valyrian?

Wanna learn it only to piss people off... not sure who though

kicked out of my grandma's house because i dont "spark joy"? what does that mean?

can somebody please commit that refactoring of the bible? so we can remove all the stupid shit and keep the somewhat intelligent stuff

(as in the anarchist & communist parts)

Stop putting people on a pedestal. Call people out who do.

Stop assuming things about others. Tell people to ask you instead of assume.

Stop having answers to everything. Question yourself and others.

Don't question your existence though.

@matteodem I guess, where else are you gonna hide all your boyfriends?

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