Experimenting with putting my desk in the middle of the room, instead of at the window. More of an office-like feel.

Decaf coffee time. ☕ Feel free to Ask Me Anything. 🤔

Enjoying a wee dram from this single cask society bottle tonight. Only 10yo, but 62% ABV at cask strength. Slàinte. 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

As on any new-to-me social media platform, there's a standing invitation to .

I'm also 100% receptive to personal recommendations for new games to get.

Show thread

Is there an or community on here already? Hope so. That game is pretty much my sole leisure activity now. My dog joins me on the couch when I play, and my wife follows along with the story dialogue, also humming the battle music.

My dog is a very patient lad. Post-workout messing around with him.

Can anyone suggest some people to follow? Ideally writers, editors, artists and creative types, and ideally non-men. Not interested in primarily-tech-content accounts! Ta. 💜

Experimenting with this, just like with Path, and AppNet, and… so on. The first job is finding a client app for both iPad and iPhone, where the iPad version supports keyboard shortcuts. 🤔


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