Applied sciences diverge from their purpose and adopt a false direction because of the absence of a religious guiding principle. The whole of technology is aimed not at easing the burden of the working masses, but at request of the wealthy classes, increasing the division between rich and poor. If a small benefit from these innovations falls to the working classes, it is not because it was intended for the people, but because by its nature it could not be kept from them.

"Albert Kahn sought to preserve a world he perceived to be disappearing. A century later, his “Archives de la Planète” connects disparate lands, dying ecosystems and cultures, and a world being utterly transformed by modernity."

Albert Kahn’s Archive Of The Planet

11,000 faces identical with Christ's are growing thinner in the federal prison ... The policeman grows fatter each day ... He blots out the doorway of the little café. A couple ... spills the milk at the counter, remembering what they did under the bridge last night.

But the policeman is blind. He strikes only when he hears a loud noise. There are others ... who have eyes like shifty hawks, and they prowl the streets searching for a face whereon an illegal kiss might be forming.

"To be human is to be constantly in tension between attempting to control the world around us and to avoid being crushed by it. None of us are gods. We can’t completely master our world, but as long as we can keep buoyant, there are possibilities for moments of authentic happiness in between the spaces of sinking and floating."

Happiness as a form of resistance | Skye Cleary » IAI TV

If you like baroque language, Angela Carter is for you:

"Her name itself whispered rumours of inexpressible sadness; the lingering sibilants rustled like the doomed petticoats of a young girl who is dying."

In ‘Cowspines,’ the Bony Topographies of Bovine Backs Appear Like Rugged Landscapes | Colossal

'Magic mirror': Hidden image revealed in reflection of centuries-old artifact at Cincinnati Art Museum - CNN Style

Wife: “Larry is short for Larold, right?”

"Their real names were Katherine Harris Bradley (1846–1914) and Edith Emma Cooper (1862–1913). Michael Field was their joint pen name, and history can thank their fellow poet Robert Browning for outing them. Word of their secret slipped out after they had confided in him. People who are good with words, it seems, cannot always be trusted to keep their mouths shut."

One Name, Two Writers: The Story of Michael Field - JSTOR Daily

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