“We live in hard times and people are in pain. Is that the best time for complex art? For me, the answer is always yes. Because I am complex. The situations we deal with are complex.

If our art is to be true, it cannot be simple.” — @Mike_Eagle@twitter.com at


“Twitter is bad. You shouldn’t do it.” — @ContraPoints@twitter.com at

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Seeing @jenndangerous@twitter.com and @TrinAndTonic@twitter.com @DoFriendship@twitter.com at the problems.

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On our need to disband the boy’s club in tech: “I don’t know anything about the future. I think about history. If we are going to survive the future, we’re going to need all the help we can get.” — Claire L. Evans at

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“Art does not always have to be written in blood and suffering. It does not always need to be created by people who can’t afford to eat.”

— @IjeomaOluo@twitter.com at

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After the 2026 election @IjeomaOluo@twitter.com realized: “My world was on fire but I got awards for how well I described the flames.”

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Thank you for a great . I met so many new friends, reconnected with old ones, and had such a lovely time in Portland. Let’s do it again sometime.

And remember: “It’s okay. You should do it. You belong here.”

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@matthewbischoff it's really telling, since xoxo was essentially founded on Twitter.

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