Heading out to San Jose for @layersconf@twitter.com and to be around all the events.

I can’t wait to see so many of you! Say hi, especially if we haven’t met yet. 👋 🔖🛫🤓

Hello to everyone in San Jose for , but most of all this lovely little bee. 🐝

Almost keynote time! Mute me if you don’t want your viewing interrupted by my joshing around.

Love the little neon flappy bird. I mean Swift logo. 🦅

Stack Overflow, but as a gritty black and white Noir film.


Everyone in every office needs to turn the bird Taptic Chime immediately. No one will be mad at all.

All the iOS app they’ve shown: Maps, Notes, Mail, Reminders, and Dark Mode all look incredibly good. Nice work everyone!

These new AirPods features are exactly what I want out of those devices. Announcing and responding to messages, and audio sharing 💯

The Afterburner “turns my mac pro into a monster”?! 🧟‍♂️

Voice Control is incredible and we should all support as much of it as we possibly can.


What an amazing keynote. Congrats to everyone at Apple that worked to get all of this done at once. Can’t wait to play with all of it and see what we can make.

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Got one extra seat for dinner at Il Fornaio tonight at 8:15. Send me a DM if you’d like to join myself, @bcapps@twitter.com, @jilliangmeehan@twitter.com, @khanlou@twitter.com, and @digimarktech@twitter.com for some 🍝!

“As designers, we constantly engage in cycles of learning and teaching.” — @edeahl@twitter.com at

She’s talking about what @khanacademy@twitter.com’s designers learned while designing for classrooms.

The wonderful @kellianderson@twitter.com is showing the audience at the full spectrum of the things we can do with paper to solve problems and make art.

That, and a deep dive on semiotics of the color khaki.

The best bar in San Jose is actually the fancy startup phone booths in the Fairmont lobby.

Wowwowwow. That was an amazing and .

Have a safe trip home! And if you’re ever in NYC, stop by @lickability@twitter.com and say hi. We’d love to see you.

We’ve all got a busy summer ahead of us.

🔖🤯🙌 🛠📲 🍹🛬

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