In the mid 90s my professor James Sturm lent me this album.

Unbeknownst to him I’d recently fallen in love with a girl from the east coast of Florida, with whom I’d later share my first kiss. The song West Palm Beach still knocks me right over.

I may be listening to it a few times ton...

The whole thing is great, but watching parts 5 and 6 of BBS: The Documentary by Jason Scott has been a great way to spend the evening.
Part 5 - BBS art
Part 6 - Hacking / cracking

Figuring out how folding slipcases are constructed is fun. I rarely get to tackle problems like this. Cut this shape out, fold it together, and and voilà!

Dug up the prototype we made for the Incredible Doom slipcase two years ago. It’s actually further along than I thought. I’m excited to spruce this up in the next version and get it out to backers.

I’ve decided that today is “Check Your Backups” day. I’m checking my old Mac Mini where I have my iCloud Photo Library set to sync, my Backblaze, and my Time Machine backups. If you’ve got nothing to do, feel free to join me.

I just got back after accidentally letting it lapse 15 years ago. It’s so good to be home.

Bought a quality speaker the other day. Set it up in the spare bedroom with no tv. Been sitting in there just listening to music. Can’t recommend it enough.:

This evening Jessie and I do our final batch of printing for Incredible Doom #6. It’s mind boggling to think I’ve been printing and assembling comics for over 25 years.:

The puppy got a clean bill of health from the vet yesterday. Broken toe healed. Which means a summer of hikes, fetch, and running in the park.
He won’t stop crying.

As I’m reaching the end of Incredible Doom #6, we’ve got 3 more issues to go to wrap up the threads started in issue one. It’s an exciting time. In less than a year this story will be done.

So, I'm listening to "The Adventure Zone: Ballance". For the third time. It's like when you love your partner BECAUSE they tell you the same stories over and over.

I've worked my way thru most of Defunctland, a series about defunct theme park attractions. I particularly liked this one about "Journey into Imagination". When my dad passed he had a little ceramic "Figment" on his shelf from when we visited in the 90s.

Also, Patreon members just got to read 7 new pages weeks earlier than everyone else. If check out some of the other other benefits here:

I just posted several new pages of Incredible Doom. You can catch up on all of issue 6 (the longest issue so far) at

I sure love a lot of folks. A whole lot. It kind of hurts to think about how many and how much.

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