Our book hits store shelves today. I can't believe it.

💾📘INCREDIBLE DOOM is a graphic novel series about 90s teens getting into trouble over the early internet. Unlikely alliances, first love, and minor crime sprees abound.


It's so much fun to watch "For All Mankind" (a show that jumps 10 years in between each season) and imagine where the characters introduced as teenagers this season are headed next year, and the year after that. gph.is/g/4Avg8yO

Hey, I’ve never shared the COVER to graphic novel here have I?

Incredible Doom about a group of kids in the 90s having their lives turned upside down by the early internet.

“Incredibly strong and not a little disturbing.” - Corry Doctorow

“Perfectly captures the mystery and wonder of the early days of the internet.” - Andy Baio

It comes out on May 11th, and you can preorder it now. matthewbogart.net/idvol1/

By the way, the collection of INCREDIBLE DOOM from Harper Alley is available for pre-order! matthewbogart.net/idvol1/

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Drew Richard from INCREDIBLE DOOM just for fun. Did this one in bed, with the sun coming up, girlfriend snoring beside me. It was nice.

Ok. I’ve been drawing for about a week now, and I THINK I’m only two days behind.

The air in Portland has reached the worst possible category on the air quality index. Good, good.

"Just because there is now a multi-billion-dollar industry based on the abject betrayal of our privacy doesn’t mean the sociopaths who built it have any right whatsoever to continue getting away with it"

Great post!


ME: "Did you know we've known each-other for a year now?"
THEM: "Wait, no. It's only been... a few months?"
ME: "No look! My email says we were writing in. May 2020"
THEM: "Uh..."
ME: I couldn't believe it either.

Not joking. I thought it had been a year.
(oh my god)

Watched Dirty Dancing for the first time last night. Had a GREAT TIME! I haven’t thought critically about it at all yet, but there were so many touching, funny, exciting moments. I know I’m a BIT late to the party on this one.

A sketch of a rejected promotional image for my comic Incredible Doom.

Setting all else aside, everyone looks pretty amazing wearing masks.

Spent yesterday immersing myself in stories about the early web, including re-watching the documentary “Home Page” which was recently re-released after 20 years. Although I wasn’t much of a computer user then, that film feels so much like that time to me it’s shocking. justwatch.com/us/movie/home-pa

I’ve been working towards a big deadline for several weeks and it frankly kept me tethered. Now that it’s passed I’ve got plenty to do, but I’m feeling pretty adrift.

I’ve oficially entered the phase of life where I have to midigate RSI.

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