Oh no! All the prior guests on this podcast I’m about to be a guest on are funny and interesting!

We are changing up the process for printing Incredible Doom Season 2, so we made a video saying goodbye to our process for Season 1. Once our current printings are gone, they are gone for good. Thanks to the IPRC where I did most of this work.

You can buy these Season 1 issues at Buy... matthewbogart.micro.blog/2019/

I’m getting more and more excited about Apple Arcade. My hope is for a few multiplayer games that girlfriend and I can enjoy together. I hope Apple Arcade makes room for weird, cool shit | TechCrunch: techcrunch.com/2019/09/16/i-ho

Spent a long day spreading the word about Season 1 being complete. Rewarded myself with frozen yogurt with girlfriend. Then listening to thunderstorms from the couch. Not a bad day.

Issue 5 of Incredible Doom is currently out of stock on BuyOlympia.com but it should be back soon. We dropped several off.

The Season 1 finale of "Incredible Doom", our comic about '90s teens making bad decisions over the early internet, is up & free. The story has been building to this moment for years, and it's a great place to jump on board.

We made this video to celebrate.


I wrote a few thoughts about XOXO 2019. The gist: I badly needed that.

Comics take so long to do. This one has taken 3 (?) years so far, and there’s still Season 1 to do. Hopefully it’s all worthwhile when folks can read from the beginning to the end of Season 1 tomorrow.

Tomorrow I’m going to be posting the final pages of Season 1 of “Incredible Doom” my print and web comic about ‘90s teens getting into trouble and danger over the early internet. I’m so nervous and excited. There’s so much work to do to get ready.

Bill Gates on twitter “I spent the last few years participating in a @Netflix docuseries looking at my work and my life, and it’s coming out September 20th. I hope you enjoy what they’ve put together.”

Daniel Jalkut
I can’t think of another tech luminary whose public image has shi... matthewbogart.micro.blog/2019/

Day job was having 50% off sale on things that had been in the store for more than a year. I now own two Home Pods. They sound astonishing as a stereo pair. Don’t be surprised if I share a lot of music soon.

I just removed the last of the files from my desktop and it made me so much more relaxed I almost passed out.

Did you know the hand crafted print version of Incredible Doom #6 (the climatic conclusion to season 1) is now available for sale online? buyolympia.com/Item/matthew-bo

Trying to post on tumblr about my excitement for the future of tumblr now that they've been purchased by Automatic dampened that excitement a bit.

I’ve gotten too overwhelmed with logistical comics work. So I’ve spent the morning working on other things. Organizing files, answering emails, making other plans. Feels refreshing to get to neglected things.

I got SO MUCH done on my “Incredible Doom Logistics Vacation” week, but there’s still more to do before the big season finale goes live. Tomorrow I have a day off. We’ll see how close I get.

Day 5 of “Incredible Doom Logistics Week” so far includes writing a synopsis of season 1, writing promo copy for season 1, a newsletter, and a photoshoot / photoshop session to get images of the slipcase and issue 6. I am getting many things done and I love it.

My “Incredible Doom Logistics Vacation Week” day 2 was all about working the slipcase for Season 1. It included this cool looking misprint.

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