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I’ve oficially entered the phase of life where I have to midigate RSI.

All it took was a pandemic for girlfriend to watch an Apple event with me. (jk. I don’t blame her)

Stopped by here as twitter was giving me heart problems. (had a video call with a doctor & everything) I’m not sure I have a lot to post, but I have to say … this place is so nice. Thank you to everyone I follow here for posting thoughtful, kind things.

Oh gosh. This hold music for Ting customer support is the end credits music for Buckaroo Banzai.

Anyone want a free Incredible Doom post card? Just order anything from your local comic shop, let me know what you bought and your address and it’s on its way!

I did some fan art from readers suggestions. Here’s Hector and Ari from Bloom, The Tick, Ralph from The Mouse and the Motorcycle, Amy Racecar from Stray Bullets, Matt Feazells Cynicalman, and Magnus Robot Fighter (featuring Tara Bot).

I've been playing with classic Mac OS apps. I really like the original Note Pad, and I wrote a little bit about it.

Printing more copies of issue 6 at Portland’s Independent Publishing Resource Center.

The "Feelie" included with Issue #2 of Incredible Doom is a duplicate of a note that a character gets in the comic. It's folded up into a little "football." Which means I got to fold lots of paper footballs today to restock.

Collected and renamed years worth of files into this beautiful list. Feels so good.

A few months ago the poet, performer and publisher Derrick Brown was commissioned to design a new bookstore and hired me to draw it. Talk about fun projects.

Half a page left to draw in the next issue. Then all that's left to do is the covers, the design, and second, third, fourth, fifth, and sixth guess every damn word in the issue.

Page 24 of 25 finished today. One more to go, then the cover, and design work.

Reading about the history of Wordpress. This screenshot makes me so happy.

So far, I'm loving the crap out of Wordpress. From what I hear, this may not always be true, but I'm enjoying the honeymoon phase.

If a you're a Patreon member at $10 or more you can now read all 70+ pages of members only Incredible Doom comics on one page. Being able to explore these stories that didn’t fit into the regular series has been a joy.

Every time I focus on adding black space to the page I end up happier with the result. I’ve both known this for years and have constatnelly forgotten it.

I'm trying something different with this issue. I'm holding off posting new pages of till I complete the whole thing. It's a subtle issue coming up, and I think it will read best this way.

I posted the first four pages to Patreon before I made that decision. Now there's 20 new pages, hiding offline. This is new to me. Both fun to anticpate and nerve-wracking about what folks will think when it all goes live.

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