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I am absolutely in love with this album of long ambient/drone pieces made with three turntables and “prepared vinyl.” Highly recommend.

I finished Manifold Garden! Incredibly fun, beautiful game. Puzzles were difficult but never insurmountable. Loved the sound design.

There was a new bulk-email-delivery tool that was being developed by a small team and focused on simplicity (and without tracking I think?) and I cannot find it in my links or notes. I think the homepage had an email composing box right on it. Anybody know what I’m thinking of?

And here are YouTube (via Invidious) links for those songs:

The Mountain Goats — Love Love Love

Missy Elliott — On & On

Georgia — Never Let You Go

Fog — The Rabbit

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Today’s musical miracle moments:

• The sometimes out-of-key twinkling bursts of keys and plucked strings in The Mountain Goats’ ‘Love Love Love.’
• The drums in Missy Elliott’s ‘On & On.’
• The first time the arpeggios come in in Georgia’s ‘Never Let You Go.’
• The closing refrain of Fog’s ‘The Rabbit.’

Have you ever heard the Hrvatski (AKA Keith Fullerton Whitman) track ‘Marbles’ from 2002 that’s an IDM-via-D&B skewering of the music from the game ‘Marble Madness?’ It’s weird and great!

The climactic accents at 3:43 in Holger Czukay’s ‘Ode to Perfume’ is a top musical moment for me.

Dave Tompkins’ history of the vocoder, ‘How to Wreck a Nice Beach,’ has led me to a lot of amazing music, including a lot of early electro/hip-hop like Jonzun Crew’s ‘Space Cowboy.’ This is the 1983 Yeehaw Agenda.

sexism in tech 

I‘m reading Dave Tompkins’ history of the vocoder, ‘How to Wreck a Nice Beach,’ and it provides a perfect example of the ‘sexist algorithm.’ Vocoders were designed around the voices of men, so they frequently had problems processing women’s voices.

Which brought me to Four Tet’s remix of ‘Great Day’ (, which I really really love, which I listened to and heard the line, “My posse’s all on Broadway like ‘Mama I Want to Sing,’” an amazing line that combines references to Sir Mix-a-lot’s classic ‘Posse on Broadway’ ( and the Broadway musical ‘Mama I Want to Sing’ (,_I_), which is based on the life of Doris Troy, who I am now reading about and listening to.

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Rabbit-hole: this brought me to the original that INOJ was covering (, which is by Ready for the World, which reminded me that How to Dress Well has a song called ‘Ready for the World’ ( (which maybe samples one of these? INOJ’s debut was called ‘Ready for the World’), which made me try to track down the HTDW sample and find out the ditty at the beginning of Madvillain’s ‘Great Day’ is an interpolation of ‘Love You Down’ (

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Sometimes I don’t have anything important on my second monitor, so I have a collection of live nature webcams I can throw on there:

I particularly enjoy Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Live Jelly Cam and Monterey Bay Cam, the Cornell Live Royal Albatross Cam, and the Homosassa Springs Manatee Cams.

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