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covid, useful resource for explanation 

this is an intuitive simulation and visualization of how social distancing helps to slow the spread of diseases like covid-19 (maybe helpful for sharing with people who don't seem to get it)

May I draw your attention (and your $7) to this amazing electronic compilation benefiting frontline medical staff in Wuhan.

Another good cover is Haim’s cover of Tame Impala’s ‘‘Cause I’m a Man’ (technically a remix but they completely redo the vocals, which is why it’s good).

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Literally every time I see the abbreviation ‘HDD’ I say ‘hard drive drive’ in my head.

Other favorite covers:

• Pet Shop Boys — Always on My Mind (

• Scissor Sisters — Comfortably Numb (

• Flock of Dimes & Sylvan Esso — Don’t Dream It’s Over (

Annnnd some absolutely perfect covers I never want to hear again: José González’s ‘Heartbeats’ and Israel Kamakawiwoʻole’s ‘Somewhere Over the Rainbow’ and Gary Jules’ ‘Mad World.’ 😅

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The band called Abe Vigoda (who were terrific) covered Stevie Nicks’ ‘Wild Heart’ and it’s one of my favorite covers:

Here’s some music I made four years ago that I was pleasantly surprised to find out I still like:

Great ambient show happening tonight in Portland. Bring something to sit on and “experience quiet stasis with us.”

I just found out that the podcast ‘Off Book: The Improvised Musical’ is doing a live show here in Portland tonight and I’m really excited!!

Are you interested in a federated alternative to Goodreads that doesn't use Amazon?

because I'm making a federated alternative to Goodreads that doesn't use Amazon

This compilation of electronic and experimental music from Africa and the African diaspora is *extremely* great and worth your time if you’re into experimental music.


The Montavilla Emergency Warming Shelter is a low-barrier overnight shelter for our unhoused neighbors when it’s freezing out here in Portland. It’s organized by queer/trans folks, focused on harm-reduction and trauma-informed mutual aid, and it provides a bed and hot meals on freezing nights.

I volunteer for shifts when we’re open, and I just made this website too:

If you live here and want to get involved, please let me know! We need volunteers. ❤️

Crawling into this song and staying there. (‘Endless 432’ by Odd Nosdam & Teebs)

I have just discovered the audio installations of Zimoun and I’m in love:

Please share, I'm looking for help on upcoming projects for The Recompiler -- paid positions for editing, print and ebook design, and research support

I just logged in to my bot accounts (@soundcloudsaid and @obliquestions) for the first time in months and discovered a handful of cute replies and kind words. Was quite nice to discover! I do wish I could see it more easily without having to log out and switch accounts…

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