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Meet the guy combining different sounds into intriguing aural pastiches called “music”

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I really like the part in Japanese movie credits where the big passel of logos of various cooperating agencies and fashion brands scrolls by

What is your game even doing if it doesn’t end with a freeze frame that transitions to a sketchy style and then the camera pulls back to reveal a little kid was reading the whole thing in an old-timey storybook

Me, Rhianna Pratchett and Jill Murray talked about our extensive experience with narrative design for games (birdsite warning):

Swallowing a Cursed Orb isn’t enough anymore... today’s indie game makers report swallowing multiple Cursed Orbs, impaling themselves with the Tongue of Spite, and becoming everything they hate in order to stand out in today’s crowded market

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‪I’m not here to tell you how to be a memorable NPC but I am saying you could start by scrubbing “It’s not much, but...” and “It’s the least I could do” from your quest reward dialogue tables‬

Last night I brought some work home from the office, set up my laptop to start in on it, and immediately fell asleep

Thank you Evangelion for being why any given sci-fi anime today is larded with baffling references to gnosticism and the apocrypha

‪The cat just jumped up on the table and walked all over the work I’m editing and for a moment I regretted not having an inkwell for her to spill and step in so she could leave her paw prints on it like that medieval Croatian manuscript

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‪I was describing some characters to an artist who will draw them and said “this guy basically sucks” about one. Later I saw the artist had taken notes and penciled in “sucks” next to that character’s name in the character list, so I’m happy.‬

Want to hear a spooky story? I went to check tweets this morning like normal and I swear I saw a few before I remembered Twitter doesn't exist anymore and hasn't for quite some time— not since the tweet factory burned down twenty years ago... oddly enough, on this very day...

‪I’ve been telling people in person who ask what I’m up to, so I might as well say it here too: I’m working on a larger narrative game of a visual novel-ish type. No details to share yet, though hopefully soon.‬

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