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What is your favorite absurdity of the English language? This is one of mine, and the reason you can't find-and-replace her/him:

Her phone is hers.
His phone is his.

Give his phone to him.
Give her phone to her.

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After your Kickstarter is over a year late there's no need to keep apologizing. In fact it becomes awkward to bring attention to the fact that there was a plan at all

Cultures of the world: Irony is suffused into life, and comes in innumerable forms and subtle shades across time

Americans, for some reason(?): A thing either ironic or not. If it is not ironic then it is 100% sincere. If it is ironic, then the exact opposite is 100% true

I just searched a document for a word and found one instance of it, which was when I typed the word into the document instead of the search box by accident a few seconds prior

Sometimes I feel like it would be good to share more process notes for writing and compositional activities on social media as they happen, but I never know what to say. There is nothing particularly insightful about any given moment.

One of my favorite* artistic anxieties is thinking "what if the process we used successfully in the past for everything abruptly stops working this time," every time

*you know what I mean

It occurs to me that I'm going to play Dark Souls Remastered so I can relive past glories mired in ever-fading memories of a better time, exactly like a Dark Souls character

My therapist thinks the big game company in Bellevue that makes Steam is called "Verve" and I've never corrected her

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"Systems thinking" points Show more

"Systems thinking" points Show more

Here’s me talking about how games can tell stories, why Twitter was bad for my creative process, and my hopes for the future

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Me when I pitch: Don't you DARE ask me what "the hook" is. Take this concept as a gestalt entity or not at all. It will be special because of ALL of it, not some fake reducible essence

Me looking at others' pitches: So what's the hook here

I wrote about games and "art," since people were talking about that again briefly last week. The process-oriented view of creating is something I've felt for a while, though, and hadn't expressed until now.

Been having this recurring dream where I take a bite out of my iPhone, crunching the glass between my teeth... I'm sure it doesn't mean anything