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‪I was describing some characters to an artist who will draw them and said “this guy basically sucks” about one. Later I saw the artist had taken notes and penciled in “sucks” next to that character’s name in the character list, so I’m happy.‬

Want to hear a spooky story? I went to check tweets this morning like normal and I swear I saw a few before I remembered Twitter doesn't exist anymore and hasn't for quite some time— not since the tweet factory burned down twenty years ago... oddly enough, on this very day...

‪I’ve been telling people in person who ask what I’m up to, so I might as well say it here too: I’m working on a larger narrative game of a visual novel-ish type. No details to share yet, though hopefully soon.‬

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I enjoy reading the TV Tropes pages for my own work... I know others don't like the negative connotation around finding "tropes" in their writing, but for me it's a wonder to see evidence that someone actually paid attention [EXAPUNKS spoilers]

‪My top writing advice is to keep those words firmly on the page. Don’t let them jump out and wander around. They will try to, the impish things. They will scamper and wiggle about and make a mess. Keep them on the page.‬

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remember when the VR hype craze was in full swing and people were like "VR is better at generating empathy than any other medium" and everyone who had ever read a single book in their lives was like :blobnomouth:

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Indie dev: I don’t know if this indie publisher I just learned about is legit or not

Indie publisher’s “about” page: We respect indies

Indie dev: Nice, that’s sorted then

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