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Being buried in dialogue editing these last few weeks has given me a new appreciation for all of the kinds of sounds the mouth and vocal chords can make. Mostly ones you want, sometimes ones you don't, but always remarkable in their diversity and variety

I had a terrible dream that I wrote a full-length visual novel and was able to get it fully voiced in part by promising to do all the editing myself, and then I was trapped in a room editing thousands of lines of dialogue with no end in sight

Me: Check out this thing I wrote

All: ...

Me: Check out this thing I... that I generated with a neural network

All: HA omg

First day of recording for the new thing is done. Many more to go but reminded already what a pleasure it is to work with actors who connect with the material. Lucky to get the chance to do this and hoping to create something worthwhile.

So a few weeks later I began adding to it, and now it’s this thing: a slow, methodical, oddly mesmerizing (to me, anyway) five minute track built around a demonstration of the microtalk format.

Here is a Fun Friday bonus thing. As you might know already I did a design microtalk at GDC this year; the microtalks take the form of 20 slides that auto-advance every 16 seconds.

In order to practice the timing of the talk, back in February I made a click track that robotically counted the slides and seconds that I could listen to as I rehearsed. The result was rather hypnotic, and even after the talk was over I found myself listening to it.

Back in olden days people had blogs and named them like books or bars. Those days are long gone now; what I once called “Magical Wasteland” is now more of a portfolio site for my work, so I’ve finally acknowledged this and made the address for the site more appropriate and official (the old address will still work though).

“Look, I agree with you that it’s worse. But that’s what we’re going to do” - Creative Directors

Prefacing every thought now with “In these last days of Heisei...” which adds an agreeable delicate pathos to otherwise ordinary musings

The creator of the IGF Nuovo & Grand Prize winner Cart Life (2013) has a new game out today. It’s about typing.

Marginal games business stuff 

GDC, mh (~) 

VR experience where you dig a grave, climb in and lie down

Me to a programmer: So it turns out that system I said we probably don’t need to build actually does have to be built. But the good news is, we won’t use it often

Literary stuff 

"Guess I'll give this a shot?" - Mastodon first & last post, August 2018

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