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Indie dev: I don’t know if this indie publisher I just learned about is legit or not

Indie publisher’s “about” page: We respect indies

Indie dev: Nice, that’s sorted then

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You know they’re into you when they’re showing you something on their phone and they immediately flick away a text notification before you can read it

Wordplay is a festival of narrative-heavy games and one of the few venues in my experience that isn't afraid of Twines. Open for submissions for showcase games, talks, and workshops through September:

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If you’re in Seattle for PAX, consider a trip to the long-running Seattle Indies Expo, a chill, free, one-day alternative exhibit of locally-made games.

hey it's Friday again, another round we go, here are some of my follows and maybe you should follow them too???

@stunt_bird @thatcosmonaut @karengeier @dubsteppenwolf @matthewseiji @Alexmay @poopdoggyballs @caraellison @jimpjorps @dualhammers

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I have not seen a single "during sex hurt me" joke on my Mastodon timeline and I am so pleased, congratulations to each and every one of you

So, I let go of my inhibitions around being cheesy and went with a "slower techno" (110bpm) sound, switched between a breakbeat and 4/4, and generally had fun with layered synth rhythms, leads, and a very compressed sound.

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