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Google's sentient AI wants me to use Pali instead of Sanskrit, what does this mean

Meta about social sites 

In my experience, new sites work best if you treat them as their own thing and not as a one-for-one replacement for another thing; like moving to a new town, you can't expect things to exist in the same configuration that you had before, and it's worth thinking about settling in vs. demanding everything be the same as before

The current tech trend 

I finally figured out something it reminds me of— in the 80s and 90s sometimes someone's parents would suddenly go really hard into Amway or direct-sale jewelry or some other kind of multilevel marketing scheme. And the kids would sense it was a bad idea somehow but weren't able to articulate it well and the parents wouldn't listen to them anyway, and then after a while there'd be some excuse for why it didn't work out, and then everyone would act like it never happened.

What is an extremely minor way you may have been cursed? For me it is that coasters always stick to my drinking vessel when I go to pick it up

Thinking of switching careers to running an izakaya that opens at midnight and characters from different walks of life come in and talk about their problems, and I offer some laconic but surprisingly perceptive words that hint at a mysterious past that everyone wonders about

Hi Mastodon. Just letting you know I still come here and check you.

I love to repeat words until they sound uncanny and strange

Writing tip:

1. Write the bad version first
2. It's... still the bad version
3. Okay when does this become something other than the bad version

Writing / advanced punctation 

I used to be fine with the semicolon, I'd use it pretty frequently and would call bullshit on writers like Cormac McCarthy who said they hated it, but lately I'm taking it out and liking what removing it does, not because I don't think it has a purpose or shouldn't exist, but because it has a bad habit of calling attention to itself, and if you want that rolling unstoppable feeling that some stories have, semicolons (and em dashes too) have a way of interrupting flow

I feel like there will be a not insignificant number of people who will simply never set foot outside again even when it does become safe to do so


Odd feeling of cognitive dissonance today as I got a dose of one of the fastest-developed vaccines in history using a new mRNA technique and then was handed some free samples of a homeopathic remedy on the way out

Cookies? Cookies? Cookies? Cookies? Cookies? Cookies? Cookies? Cookies? Cookies? Cookies? (just doin a little web browsing today)

I typed nothing except a capital D in Gmail to start a new sentence and the auto-typing feature suggested "Does that make sense?"

I picked a fun, less-professional icon for Discord originally and now because of the way it's grown I'm in a bunch of professional situations with it and I don't feel like changing it

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