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Do you think in 30 years the people who say 'adulting!' will shift to saying 'senioring!'

I know game dev is ideally incremental and iterative but I still love doing giant monolithic commits that say stuff like, "Adding music to the game."

People are going on about impressive rope physics in a big AAA game that just came out and I want to mention how well Noby Noby Boy managed it in 2009 on a PS3

Aphorism of apocryphal origin: If you seek revenge, dig two graves…

AAA games writer: What if it was dig a THOUSAND graves

In 2013 I posted a critique of Citizen Kane on my blog and a commenter wrote "not enough car chases and explosions for you?" and today two people left Steam reviews of Eliza calling it "boring"

I would pay extra money to be able to listen to Shpongle with the Timothy Leary samples removed

Cat: Where did the food go
Me: You ate it
Cat: Ok but where did it go

I lived in Los Angeles for a while so I would definitely have some mundane celebrity encounter stories if I knew what any of them looked like

UE5 demo 

Very pretty and unintentionally highlights how games will use it in the way that it evokes the priceless cultural treasures of an ancient and vaguely orientalist civilization for you to gawp at for 15 minutes as you loot a power up for your orb and move on to the next level

Editor [in my imagination]: Wow, this is perfect. I have no edits, questions, or feedback. Just going to run it exactly like this. Here's your money

Feels like there's a pattern where every five days or so I have a couple days where I sit around and do even less, anyone else experiencing this

Game: *has something in it inspired by real life*

Players [noticing the real life thing]: Oh wow the game predicted this

Ah, the warm analog sounds of yesteryear! *plays a note on a vintage synth, it sounds thin and harsh and stays completely in tune* Ah yes well it was the amps too of course, and vinyl

The thing about writing Rom-coms is that it’s pretty easy to do the comedy part, but much tricker to combine those funny bits with the part that’s about Rom, Vacuous Spider

The thing I’m most enamored of in historical dramas is not the elaborate costumes or beautiful sets but the idea of a ready fire to easily toss correspondence, criminal evidence, or attempts at a novel into

Time to take a big sip of coffee from my mug and look at the text on this plastic bag, which I understand is a toy that should be given to children

Spanish missionary in the 1500s looking at a Yerba buena: Dang, that's a good plant. Don't know what I'm gonna call it yet but it really is a good plant

My computer’s only purpose now is to be a host for fifteen different chat / messaging / voice / video / streaming / screen sharing / webinar apps and/or sites that all have to be open at once

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