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"Systems thinking" points Show more

"Systems thinking" points Show more

"Systems thinking" points Show more

Here’s me talking about how games can tell stories, why Twitter was bad for my creative process, and my hopes for the future

Unintentionally(?) fetishy poster art Show more

Me when I pitch: Don't you DARE ask me what "the hook" is. Take this concept as a gestalt entity or not at all. It will be special because of ALL of it, not some fake reducible essence

Me looking at others' pitches: So what's the hook here

I wrote about games and "art," since people were talking about that again briefly last week. The process-oriented view of creating is something I've felt for a while, though, and hadn't expressed until now.

Been having this recurring dream where I take a bite out of my iPhone, crunching the glass between my teeth... I'm sure it doesn't mean anything

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I’m already tired of talking about games

I went to get a haircut and ended up having a deep conversation about Monster Hunter with the stylist, who mains Light Bowgun and was mad that Capcom didn't let her name her Jyuratodus hunting loadout "penis fish"

Today marks a year since I released my first solo album of electronic music. To celebrate, you can now download it for free for a limited time! Thank you everyone who has listened and enjoyed. 🎶

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