I enjoy reading the TV Tropes pages for my own work... I know others don't like the negative connotation around finding "tropes" in their writing, but for me it's a wonder to see evidence that someone actually paid attention [EXAPUNKS spoilers]

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I was SO FUCKING HAPPY when I discovered someone cared enough about Decrypting Rita to have made a TVtropes page for it!

Tropes are super useful, being aware of them in your writing means you can be aware of HOW you're using them instead of just doing one without thinking. They can give you a rough foundation to build something on, too. They're great.

@anthracite Yeah, exactly! Every story is composed of recognizable elements. There's nothing wrong with a "trope" per se*. It's the careless and unthinking use of them that can become a problem.

*and many of the "tropes" TV Tropes identifies aren't really tropes, but that's a whole other thing

@matthewseiji I love TV Tropes. IMO it's really no more focused on tropes than it is on TV at this point

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