An issue of Gnosis Magazine themed on "Pop Culture & the Esoteric" from the Summer of 1994 is sitting at this coffee shop so of course I picked it up to peruse. I found this article written by a guy who'd been using the internet from 1982-1994 and his conclusion is it won't expand human consciousness to a higher level, or even result in meaningful dialogue. Note that the World Wide Web was so young it didn't even get mentioned in the glossary at the end. (W3C would be founded ~3 months later!)

"The networks do convey timely and valuable information, but it is buried in falsehood"


@darius One thing that struck me after reading a bunch of 90s material for research for Exapunks was that a surprising number of voices were totally correct about where the technology was going, but very few came anywhere close to the right conclusions about what it would mean

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