Very excited to announce my latest project: Eliza, a visual novel about an AI therapist, the people who use it, and the people who develop it. Coming August 12.

Eliza has come out, and I'm floored by the response! There's too much to list here but I especially loved this article. Thank you to everyone who's given it a try.

@matthewseiji looks gorgeous! And it has another solitaire! Instabuy!

Also, maybe this Zachtronics game won't feel exactly like my day job, so hopefully I won't feel like I'm working overtime when playing it 😅

@matthewseiji wow, I just read an article where you explained that it was your idea and Zachtronics gave you the resources to develop it. So awesome! Congrats, and know you have a fan here.

Also, I just discovered your band camp. I wasn't aware you had done so much of the music for Zachtronics! Absolutely love it. Fantastic stuff

@jon_valdes Thank you! Really looking forward to sharing it with the world soon.

@matthewseiji Love the concept. Did you have to clear the name with anyone?

@Farbs Thanks! We did some research and concluded that we should be in the clear.

@matthewseiji hey, a few things about Eliza:
- The game looks absolutely gorgeous. The decision to do the 4K graphics really paid off on my hi-dpi laptop.
- Loving the story. Complex, deep, thought-provoking... Too many feelings for a toot, so I'll stop there
- When you say "expert level" in solitaire, you really mean it! Blazed through the easier modes, then got stuck there. Also, the email you get about it after you get stuck was sooo perfectly placed for me. A touch of genius.

@matthewseiji finally, loving how the music blends with the story. How it builds up in stressful situations, etc. Really nicely done

@jon_valdes Thank you! Love hearing about the things you’re appreciating. 😄 🙏

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