⚡️A wonderful resource: Type Foundries Archive – a link list of type foundries worldwide – independent or not, small or big, everyone. type-foundries-archive.com

For example, they have an original Enigma machine, the device Germany used to encrypt messages in WW II. And you can even type a message on a perfect replica. 🤓 mastodon.social/media/IZkRSqqk mastodon.social/media/1lHMldlK

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We had the most amazing time today in New York‘s spy museum SPYSCAPE. Brilliantly made interactive experiences around themes like encryption, surveillance, hacking, and lots of historical spy stories. If you ever come to consider visiting this place! mastodon.social/media/4J3tY9UL mastodon.social/media/NJShNEBY mastodon.social/media/usigiWKe mastodon.social/media/njevQCNt

@heydon Did you know that there’s not only the Large Heydon Collider but also a Heydon Big Bang Theater? 😜 (Part of the American Museum of Natural History in NYC)

‪The Apollo Theater honoring Aretha Franklin, 1942–2018‬

One World Trade Center, 541 m, sixth-tallest building in the world.

TIL that the steam vapor that comes out of the ground here and there in NYC is caused by leaks in the New York City steam system. It went into operation in 1882 and is used to heat and cool high rise buildings and businesses. en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/New_Yo


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