@Lippe Die haben auch 10 Teststicker für ein paar Euro (und es kommen immer ein paar mehr) stickermule.com/products/stick

@Lippe Eben erst gesehen 😇 Stickermule. Sehr zufrieden!

»There's plenty of time to do just the stuff that matters.

Because not a lot of it exists.«

@heydon at Fronteers 2018

Here’s how Basecamp assesses the level and title of designers, from Junior to Principal Designer: github.com/basecamp/handbook/b

A wonderful read by @azumbrunnen_@twitter.com about how the Apple Watch is completely redefining a device category with a long tradition. Including a super interesting journey through the history of watchmaking. 🙌👌

“Image Performance” by @wilto is available now! 🎉

If you want to read up on image performance optimization, read this book by one of the authors of the picture element spec and chair of the RICG:

“A design system is a tool for empowerment, not a weapon to control design.”

The key lessons I learned creating a popular Design System, by Matt Bond

You shouldn’t feel obligated to meet other people’s expectations when you write on your own site. In the end, even the smallest contribution can be valuable to others. Thanks for the reminder, @SaraSoueidan@twitter.com and @tobiastom! 🤗

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